Parno’s Company

This is the first of three novels in a trilogy. The setting is during the centuries following a devastating plague. Mankind had finally returned to the ‘middle ages’ of technology, so to speak. The story follows the life of Prince Parno McLeod, youngest son of the ruling Dynasty in Soulan. Shunned by his family after his mother died in childbirth with him, Parno is far from the ideal example of the ruling family. But the black sheep prince will soon have to grow up. Grow up very fast indeed. For war is coming. War like no other in the history of his kingdom. And despite his disdain for his family, Parno loves his land, and his people. In a last ditch effort to save his people from being defeated, Parno will lead a small band of soldiers, criminals, and misfits into battle against an army many times their size.

And the stakes couldn’t possibly be higher.


Chapter One


10 thoughts on “Parno’s Company”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Parno’s Company and look forward to the sequels. Your writing is thorough and delightfully picturesque, speaking to feelings not often well expressed. Thank you for an amazing read.

    Bear in mind that I do not normally enjoy “war” stories and almost passed up reading this book. My loss would have been great had I done so; I am so glad I chose to read your work and will continue to seek them out in the future.

    What is the projected publication date of Parno’s Destiny?

    • Thank you! I really appreciate that and I’m really glad you enjoyed the book. I had originally hoped to have Parno’s Destiny ready by mid fall but that will probably have to be revised at this point. The second novel is far more encompassing and while it still contains a good deal of ‘war footage’ for lack of a better term, there’s also more intrigue and strategy as well as character development. Parno will still be the central figure, but the story will broaden somewhat in view of his expanded responsibilities.

      I still hope to release Parno’s Destiny within the next six months at most, assuming the Lord wills that I live so long and manage to continue to work steadily. I’m doing my best to make it worth the wait however.

      Thank you again,


  2. I keep checking every few days to see if Parno’s Destiny is out. Hurry up -can’t wait

  3. No, not yet. Remember that even once I’m finished, it still has to go through the publishers. I am hoping for Spring time release, though. Can’t promise that of course, because if I do something will go wrong.

  4. Madcrafter72 said:

    Just finished reading Parno’s Company and I absolutely loved it! need to save up some and buy Destiny next, so i can continue the story, and then i will be back here harassing you for Gambit. Love your writing, thank you for sharing your creativity with us, in fanfic and original stories like Parno’s.

    • I sincerely appreciate that. You comment is both flattering and humbling. I’m glad you enjoyed Parno’s Company and I hope that Destiny will meet your expectations as well. Thank you for commenting!



  5. If I send you all my money would you write faster? 😉

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