Fire From the Sky has been really well received! Already there are some great reviews and people seem to be enjoying it a great deal. That’s always my main goal is to create something that people enjoy.


Thanks to everyone who has read, and an extra thanks to those of you who have reviewed! I really appreciate it!


Already at work on moar!




Fire From the Sky


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My newest novel, Fire From the Sky, is now available on Amazon. This is the first book in a new Post Apocalyptic series I have been developing for a while now. At this point the series is open ended as I try and come up with as many torments as possible for the protagonists in the series 😀 (insert evil/sinister laugh here)


ANYway, here’s a link where it can be found.  If PAW is your thing then I hope it’s worth checking out and you enjoy it.


Have a good weekend~




I have not met my demise as yet


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First I have to apologize for being out of touch for so long. There are times, as most of you know, where I literally don’t realize how long it has been since I’ve been here because I’m working. I also during those periods rarely know exactly what day of the week it is, or if I’ve eaten recently. That’s just the way it is when I really get going on something. It consumes every waking minute and sometimes even my sleeping ones.


This time however I did something foolish and ignored a problem until it became an issue. Which in turn made me sick enough to think I had the flu. Fortunately I do not have the flu, but I have suffered murderous headaches and other side effects because of a severe sinus problem that I allowed to get out of control. That was not my intent of course, just a by-product of me thinking I knew more than I actually did.

I am better today than I have been in weeks thanks to the miracle of antibiotics, though still a long way from well. Regardless, I am working so there’s that.

Fire From the Sky should be nearing publication soon. I have seen tentative cover art and really liked it. Once it’s finalized I’ll show it here. As soon as I know when it will be released I will pass that information along.


Meanwhile, I am currently working on Parno IV, Stormcrow III, and Fire II. I have a couple other projects that I’m looking at as well, but they are more drawing board at the moment.


I hope you have a great weekend!



Fire From the Sky


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I have now sent the first volume of my new Post Apoc series “Fire From the Sky” to the publishers. Fire From the Sky is a contemporary story set in the present (well, now it’s the near past, to be honest) and focusing on one family and their friends as they try to survive in a world gone wrong.

UNLIKE Odd Billy Todd and Roland, this book is intended to be the start of a series, so there will be questions that don’t get answers here, probably, and there will be things and people that you may not see again until Book 3 or 4. It is meant to be an ongoing story and at the moment is open ended. I guess as long as I can make the story interesting, I’ll keep writing.

As soon as I  know the release date, I’ll post it here and on Facebook.

I have to give a big thanks to my readers as Parno’s Gambit has done well so far. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to know that people are enjoying a story that you put together and wrote basically from scratch. I really appreciate all of you who had taken the time to write and let me know you enjoyed it. As I’ve said before, some nights, when I really wanted to throw my hands up and say “I quit”, that encouragement from you is what kept me working.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Parno’s Gambit to be released MARCH 10


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Parno’s Gambit, Book III in the Black Sheep of Soulan, will hit the market March 10! Featured here is the dust jacket image for the hardcover edition (YAY) and the blurb from that back cover;

His father murdered by his insane sister. His older brother in exile for attempting a coup against the Crown. His oldest brother very nearly dead at the hands of the same sister and now on the throne only by the grace of a skilled surgeon who wanted to see the man she hoped to marry.

All in all, Parno McLeod’s family troubles have gone from bad to worse of late. And if that wasn’t enough for the young Marshal of the Army, he’s also facing an army that outnumbers his almost three-to-one, fighting on two fronts and stretched thin in numbers, equipment and supplies.

Add to that now an insane sibling controlling an elite regiment of Soulan cavalry and heading south to free her traitorous twin in hopes of putting him on the throne, a flood of refugees from the war torn area of the invasion path of the Norland Imperial Army, spies and saboteurs in their midst, and a sudden startling revelation that despite his successes so far, he is as close to losing the war as he has been since it began.

It’s enough to give anyone a headache.

As Parno struggles to adapt to his new position of importance after so many years of being ignored, he likewise struggles to prevent the enemy from driving any deeper into his Kingdom’s territory and with getting ‘reluctant’ bureaucrats to help him by simply doing their jobs correctly in the King’s name!

Parno has been fortunate, and he is a gifted leader for one so young, but he is young, and inexperienced. He has a plan that will save his people, but he’s about to learn a very important lesson; no plan survives contact with the enemy.

Gambling with his people’s freedom, Parno tries to do too much, too soon, and with too few men. A gambit that he admits is dangerous, and may yet see the capitol of Soulan in flames!

I know it’s been a long road to book Three, but I hope you find it has been worth the wait.

Thank you all so much!


EDITED TO ADD: Just got an update, and Gambit is available for pre-order HERE!


Parno’s Gambit is in the pipeline


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Book III in the Black Sheep of Soulan series, “Parno’s Gambit”, has been sent to the publishers. After editing and cover art, etc, it will be available.

There are tentative plans at this time to perhaps offer Parno’s Gambit in hardcover, which would be a first for me. If it does go that route I’ll post it here as I scream and shout, lol.

At any rate, it shouldn’t be long now. Thanks for your patience.



RIP Princess Leia


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I am sad beyond words today to hear of the passing of the great Carrie Fisher. More than just an icon to sci-fi fans, she was an accomplished writer as well. If you’ve never seen her one woman show that HBO produced some years ago you owe it to yourself to watch it, especially now.

No idea what will happen to the Star Wars movies without her, and honestly can’t be concerned by it. In the face of her loss, Star Wars means very little at the moment, love it as I do.


We will miss you, Carrie.

Good Morning!


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It is a cold and rainy morning here in Badland folks. We need the rain so I don’t complain, and it’s just the kind of rain we need, too. Slow and steady. Only problem is it’s supposes to turn really cold by Thursday so. . . .brrrrrrr. Still, the rain is a blessing and you don’t look a blessing in the mouth. Or something like that.  😀

My heart was breaking this week and still is at the devastation in Gatlinburg. Having lived in that area years ago I visited it often with my family. It always seemed so magical somehow.

We’ve seen a good deal of heartbreak as the death toll rises, too. The loss of natural beauty and economic property is meaningless next to a lost life, and at least 11 have perished that I know of. I learned earlier this morning that a woman and her two very young daughters have tentatively been identified among those who are confirmed dead, and I know their family is devastated, as are so many others. Three brothers from Memphis who were injured escaping the fire learned that their parents were not so lucky.

WE CANNOT say enough about the firefighters who fight these blazes, folks. Walking right into that fire as others run away takes a special courage that not everyone has. May God bless and keep them all and thank you, all of you, for being there.

The fires are not out but apparently are somewhat contained. This rain should help when it arrives, assuming it makes it over the mountains. I know everyone there can use the relief.

Please pray for the people in that area, and for those assisting them in this time of crisis.


Good morning!


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It is a foggy albeit beautiful Sunday morning in the House of Tyree!

We hope that your Thanksgiving was blessed and happy, full of food, friends and family and maybe a bit too much dessert. We also hope that if you were brave enough to attempt Black Friday that you were unhurt and able to get what you were after, and we applaud your bravery in pursuit of whatever it was. 🙂

Just think, soon it will be Christmas! Where has this year gone? I really don’t know. At first I thought it was me getting older, but even younger people are scratching their heads and going ‘wasn’t it just August?’

I blame the election for distracting us, and the heat of the early fall as well for throwing us off balance. Add to that the late time change and suddenly it’s late fall.

Speaking of the election, it seems about half the public has lost their minds over the election. I guess accepting the election only works for you if you actually won it. Otherwise, ‘protest, protest, protest’. Oh and of course, destroy other people’s property by vandalism or fire.

I hope you stay safe and avoid conflict in the weeks leading up to Christmas and the inauguration. We’ll soon see a new Prez and see what happens then. In the meantime, I must write, write, write, and I am, am, am!

Parno’s Gambit is at least one third finished at this point and moving quickly. It is entirely possible that it will be available for Christmas, assuming I can finish it in time for the editor to get it proofed.

Check out the other writers who work for Creative Texts at their website, including Jerry Young, a PAW writer from way back. Remember, send compliments to me and complaints to them! 😀

I do sincerely wish all of you a safe and happy rest of your holiday weekend. Be safe and be blessed.



EDITED to ADD: Learned of the death of Ron Glass late yesterday. I was saddened to think of it and hear it. While I remember him on Barney Miller, he will forever be to me Shepherd Book, The Preacher with a Past whose bible is somewhat fuzzy on kneecaps.

RIP Shepherd. You’re flying high now.