The return of Stormcrow


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I have completed the second novel in the Stormcrow series and sent it off to the publishers just yesterday. This second novel is somewhat longer than the first in the series and will begin to delve a bit deeper into the backgrounds of Tony, Jessica, and Sean. We will also meet some very interesting new characters and have just a bit of fun here and there despite the serious situation the crew finds themselves in. When I get the cover art I’ll post it here, and I’ll also announce here and on my Facebook page when the release date for STORMCROW: Birds of a Feather, is set.

Parno’s Gambit, the third novel in the Blacksheep of Soulan series, will now be my primary focus though I do have other projects simmering on the back burner that I’m working steadily on when hung up somewhere else. I don’t know exactly when Parno’s Gambit will be finished since it really does take a while to hammer out a 150k+ novel,  even when you know how you want it to go. 😀

Election Day will be on us come Tuesday. If you haven’t voted early, please remember to exercise your right to vote. Many people over the last 200+ years have made great sacrifices to insure that right for us. I fear if we don’t exercise all of our rights these brave men and women fought and often died for, then we’re making light of those sacrifices. I’d not want to do that. They deserve better, because they earned it. Lets give respect where it’s due and exercise our rights. Not just in voting, but all of our rights. Insist upon them when they’re infringed upon.

I hope all of you had a safe and fun Halloween, and I wish all of you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving as we head that way. This year has left us behind in a hurry it seems.

Thanks for now,



Long time gone


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I’ve been updating some fanfiction stuff I’m slowly posting here on the blog and I guess because of that I didn’t realize I hadn’t made any posts in a while. I looked at it tonight and realized that I hadn’t made a post in over a month. Sheesh.

The good news in that is that I am almost finished with the second Stormcrow novel, tentatively entitled ‘Birds of a Feather’. I’m not completely sure I’ll stick with that title, but that’s what I’ve chosen for now. If all goes well, it should be headed to the publishers before the month is out. Depending on how quickly they can get it edited and what have you, it might be available in less than a month.


Meanwhile I’m plugging away at Parno’s Gambit, the tentative title for Parno Novel Three. As I’ve mentioned before, I had always planned for Parno’s tale to be a trilogy but at the end of Destiny I realized that wasn’t going to happen. There’s just too much story to tell to end it in one last book. As of now it will be at least four books, and if Gambit keeps going like it is, it could stretch to five. That wasn’t my original plan, but. . .there it is.


And in the middle of all my own crazy I’m watching the election. Whenever I think my little world is too nutty, all I have to do is tune in to the news for maybe fifteen minutes, and I feel so much better about myself and where I’m at, lol. It’s like watching a circus of clowns, where the other acts have all gone home and left the folks with the big shoes and funny make-up to run the asylum.


We may be doomed, I don’t know.


Anyway. I got a chance to watch the Dawn of Justice movie a few nights ago on DVD. I didn’t see it in theaters because it got such bad reviews. That was a mistake. I don’t know what movie those guys were watching, but there was nothing wrong with that show except that it ended.

I wasn’t too happy about Ben Afleck and Gal Godot being cast as Batman and Wonder Woman, mostly because I felt there were others better suited for the role. There may be, but I have to admit that both of them did an absolutely outstanding job in this movie, playing the iconic heroes as well or better than most anyone, Lynda Carter excepted. (she will always be Wonder Woman)


If you haven’t seen it, give it a look. I’m telling you that the reviews were unfair, seriously. It’s a great movie.


SO anywho, that’s what’s going on in my world. Hope you and yours are good too. Got something to say? Don’t hesitate to drop me a line!



Hello from the land of Bad!


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I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, the more so since I spent my sick, lol. Recovering now from surgery I’ve had time to do a bit more work and also to actually read a bit and take it easy, even if it’s painful. 😀

I saw today that my recent fanfiction for High School of the Dead is getting a lot of traffic so I hope that means you’re enjoying it if you’re reading it. I apologize again for the roughness and for any sort of mistakes, but. . .as I said earlier, while these stories are pretty much finished, they aren’t beta’d or proofread. I do try to at least check for glaring errors such as spelling and what have you, but with stuff this long I just don’t have the time to go over them like I once did. I hope that doesn’t take away from their value as entertainment, since that’s all they are meant to be.

I’ve had a few messages and e-mails about why I ‘refused’ to post this and other fics on FF.Net, but. . .I never said I wouldn’t put them there, maybe later on. I just said I wasn’t going to right now because it’s time consuming. Believe it or not it’s a lot easier to just put something already written up here on my blog than to upload it to If I get the time or if there really is a lot of interest in seeing it there then I’ll still try to do it later on, (like I said, time permitting). But, honestly, I figure if you’re seeing it here, it won’t make any difference to you to see it there, later on. Right?

At any rate, after this one I have one other HSOTD fic, one from Fate/Stay Night, and one from another anime or two that I honestly don’t know how long ago I wrote. As I get time I’ll probably post them all, sooner or later anyway, though I warn you again that they aren’t polished, beta read, or anything else. They’re just. . .for fun. Just something to share with those of you who follow my writing and frequent my blog page.

I hope you enjoy if they’re your cup of tea, and in the meanwhile, I do hope all of you are having a great summer!



RIP Anton Yelchin


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A few days past I saw the report about the death of Anton Yelchin, who is perhaps best known for playing Chekov on the new Star Trek movies. This was a sad thing to hear, as he was a very talented young actor. While he may have been best known for his appearance in Star Trek, and something called Alpha Dog,  I knew him from his role as Odd Thomas.

Odd Thomas is a character of Dean Koontz, who can see the dead, along with creatures who push them to die or influence them to commit murderous acts. Yelchin brought the character to life and I’m convinced that no one could possibly have done it better. I was hoping for a sequel someday, assuming someone would make it, as it was a fantastic role for him and a great movie to watch.

He’ll be missed by many I’m sure, and it will be strange to see someone else playing his roles, assuming they do re-cast those parts.


RIP Anton.

High School of the Dead fanfiction


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A good while back (well, years now) I was surfing Netflix and came across the anime for High School of the Dead. I had ignored anime for years because to me it was just cartoons, right? Well, some are of course, but one night I watched the first episode of Trinity Blood when it was streaming on Netflix and since then I have had quite a different view of anime features. As an aside, if you haven’t seen Trinity Blood, a vampire tale set in the far future, you should check it out. Anyway.


High School of the Dead was pretty funny, despite the serious nature of the content, mostly because of the effects of traveling with four good looking women on two teenage boys. There’s a lot of gratuitous pantie flashing and things of that sort, which I’m given to understand is very popular in Japan and I’m sure here as well.


Despite all that, the story itself intrigued me, not the least of reasons being that I had a draft working at the time about high school kids facing a similar problem. I found the gravity of the situation to be fairly real, and realized that with just a bit of tweaking (because what is fanfiction if not ‘tweaking’ right?) it could become something all togeher different.


So, some time ago I wrote this fanfiction. I’m no longer doing that, but this story was never put up on FF.Net, it just sat on my hard drive until I noticed it the other day.


It’s been my practice since I started this page to put stories here that aren’t available anywhere else, so I decided that I’d do the same with this one. I may at some point add it to FanFiction.Net, but I think for now I’ll let it stay here.


It’s far too long to post all at once, so I’ll add to it as time allows. I’ll try to have the first chapter or two up sometime this evening. I hope it gives you some pleasurable reading.


Meanwhile, I’m currently working on three new projects, including the next Parno novel which I have tentatively called “Parno’s Gambit”. That title is subject to change, but my original plan of this being a trilogy has gone completely by the wayside now. There’s just no way I can tell the expanded story in three books, and probably not four, either. So. . .more work for the weary 😀


Anyway, I hope you enjoy.


Bad Karma



Parno and Stormcrow


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Several reviewers and comments have posed a question about both of these books/characters over the last month or so, and I wanted to take a moment to talk about that. The question is whether or not there are/will be other books for these characters.


Parno’s Destiny is actually the second book of what was originally intended to be a trilogy, but will now probably at least be four books if not more. The story began to explode on me a bit and I didn’t want to cut it so. . .it grew. Lord willing I should live, look for at least two more Parno novels in the future.


Stormcrow was always intended to be a series of novels, and there will be at least five and probably more, again providing the Lord wills I live long enough to get them done. The story surrounding Stormcrow is complex and complicated, and it won’t get played out over two or even three books. I don’t know how far it might go, and in truth it may depend on reader reactions to future novels. So long as I can create a good story and there is interest, I’ll probably try to continue it.


SO, for those of you wondering, yes I do plan on more of both. Hopefully this year, late on, but. . .it’s already May, and it takes longer than you might think to pound out 150k words. Or at least longer than I thought it would, lol.


I sincerely appreciate all the interest, and I hope if you read them they were worth your time.


Have a wonderful week!