Chapter Twenty-Five

STRONG M IN THIS CHAPTER FOR SEXUAL SITUATIONS! You’ve been warned. Adults only, or whatever the age of consent might be where you are. This isn’t pRoN, as the saying goes, but it is sexual at times. 

Chapter Twenty-Five
It was the Hummer that did it.

Khota almost missed it. It was getting darker and he was using his small flashlight sparingly. If he had been five minutes later there wouldn’t have been enough light left and he probably wouldn’t have seen it. As it was, he still almost overlooked it.

He had slowed when he saw a green Hummer sitting in a drive, wishing he had the keys to it. Damn thing even had a snorkel on it, he noticed. That was the ride to have for the apocalypse, for sure.

And there on the wooden wall in front of it was the sign he’d been looking for. Praying for.


He almost laughed, but caught himself just in time. Between that and the Hummer, he was almost positive he had the right place. As he got to the wall he noticed the gate ajar and felt more positive still. He entered and made sure the gate locked behind him.

There were several of Them laying about, all with their heads caved in, a sure sign that his girlfriend had been there. And there, on the stair rail, was a dash of red. Smiling wider all the time, he followed the lipstick, going up three floors before it stopped. Using his light, he checked around the landing until he found another mark further down and followed that to the door that had the red heart on it. Sighing in relief that he hoped wasn’t premature, he raised his hand and knocked lightly. Once, twice, three times. Paused, then repeated it.

He heard frantic whispering from within and stepped to where the peep hole in the door would get a view of him, placing his flashlight on his own face. The door opened almost immediately and a pair of strong arms encircled his neck, hot lips smashing against his own in a frantic, heart felt kiss.

Khota couldn’t help the reaction this caused, especially considering what he’d been thinking all the way here, but she didn’t seem to notice so he kept kissing. Finally he heard a throat clear behind Saeko.

“You two really ought to get a room,” Saya smirked.

“I got us a room,” Saeko said breathlessly.

“You did?” Khota looked at her.

“Oh, yes,” she nodded firmly. She pulled him into the apartment and started to kiss him again but stopped when she saw how bloody he was.

“I’ll kill that bitch,” she literally growled in her throat.

“Easy now,” Khota told her. “I admit this stings like hell, but. . .I was really looking forward to you nursing me back to health,” he grinned. She flushed deeply at that, for more reasons than one, but led him to a chair at the dining table and sat him down.

“Get Shizuka,” she told Saya without looking. “Tell her to bring her bag.”

“Yes ma’am!” Saya grinned and snapped a salute, then hurried to get the nurse.

Saeko slipped the pack off of Khota’s aching shoulders, then he cleared his rifle and lay it on the table. He pulled the empty magazines from his pocket and added them as well, promising himself that he’d reload them later.

“I have something of yours,” he told her finally, grinning. “Kitty,” he added and was delighted to see her pale skin turn beet red.

“I had to get your attention,” she shrugged, smiling shyly now that he was back with her.

“Well that sure did it,” he told her. “God, I was thinking about you every step of the way,” he told her, laying his head against her belly and wrapping his arms around her.

“Good,” she told him, her own arms pulling his head tighter to her. They stayed like that until Shizuka got there.

“Oh, Hirano-kun,” she clucked at the sight of his face. “Did Miyamoto do this?” she asked.

“‘Fraid so, Marikawa-sensei,” he nodded.

“Oh, call me Shizuka, everyone else is now,” she told him as he opened her bag.

“Only if you call me Khota,” he told her, closing his eyes as he sat back to let her clean his wounds.

“I will do this,” Saeko’s voice was firm and unyielding, and he fought not to smile. “You will instruct me, but I will do this.”

“I don’t mind, Miss Busu-, oh,” Shizuka got it. “Okay,” she grinned. She spent the next ten minutes explaining to Saeko how to clean, inspect and dress the numerous cuts that Miyamoto had left on her boyfriend’s face. Saeko’s hands were gentle as she completed her task, but trembling as her emotions started to get the better of her. By the time she finished, she was near her emotional limit.

“That should do for now,” Shizuka told them. “We’ll do better once you’ve had a bath.”

“Let’s go,” Khota told Saeko, seeing how fragile she was about to be. She hated for anyone to see her like that, and he wasn’t going to let them. He took her hand, picked up his rifle, then released her hand and wrapped that arm around the small of her back.

“Where’s this room you got us?” he asked softly. She led him there, not trusting herself to speak at the moment. Takashi saw them and started toward them, but Khota held out the hand with the rifle and shook it, indicating that it would have to wait. Takashi nodded and Khota and Saeko disappeared into ‘their’ room, closing the door.

Saeko collapsed against him as soon as she heard the door close. He sat his rifle in the corner behind the door and pulled her to him, holding her as she had once held him, rocking her gently as she released the tension she had allowed to remain hidden so long as he was missing.

“It’s all right,” he cooed to her softly, stroking her hair. “I’m all right and everything’s fine,” he told her. “I’m right here, and I won’t leave you. We’re okay.” He guided her to the bed and sat her down, still holding her tight. Soon he was lying back and she was atop him, holding him tightly as she continued to cry into his chest, shaking she cried so hard.

He rubbed small circles on her back and kept talking to her until her sobs finally subsided. She continued to lay there for some minutes, but finally raised her head to look at him.

“I was so afraid that you wouldn’t come back to me,” she told him in a near whisper. “I. . .I don’t know what I’d do if that happened, Khota. I really don’t. Please, I beg you, don’t do that to me again. Please. I might not do so well, next time.”

“I won’t,” he promised her. “I wouldn’t have today but I didn’t see another way to save you. It was on the fly, that’s all. I couldn’t let anything happen to my Kitty,” he told her, smiling. A laugh burst from her at that even as tears were still falling. She wiped her face with her hands.

“I must look a mess,” she said.

“You’re beautiful,” he told her simply, meaning every word.

“Liar,” she smiled softly.

“Lady Saeko,” Khota feigned shock and then hurt. “I would never lie to you!” he paused.

“Except when the truth don’t work?” she finished for him, laughing again. It was one of his favorite ‘Americanisms’ as he called it, along with ‘if you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’.

“Not even then,” his kissed the tip of her nose. “So I take it everyone else got here okay?” he asked. She nodded, laying her head on him again.

“Dare I hope that the Hummer I saw downstairs is Minami’s?” he asked. She raised her head again, looking puzzled.


“That big military looking rig downstairs? That’s a HumVee. Is it Minami’s?”

“Yeah,” she nodded. “Now that you mention it, I heard Shizuka say it was as I came up to her and Saya. Why?”

“Because it’s got a snorkel.”


“Snorkel?” Takashi looked shocked. “Like, can go in the water?” he asked.

“Like can go in the water,” Khota nodded as he finished cleaning his rifle and started reassembling it. He’d already done his pistol. “Up to five feet or so, anyway.”
“Can we cross the river in it?” Takashi asked excitedly.

“It’s built to be able to ford a river in a shallow area. It will be slow and we’ll have to cross where the current is favorable and not too deep, but yeah,” Khota nodded. “It will. We’ll have to find a place where the current won’t take us into shore at a spot we can’t climb out though,” he warned.

“It’s more shallow up toward Tayatoma,” Takashi mused. “We can head that way and if the bridge is closed then. . .well, we’ll swim the river in Rika’s car.”

“Not swim, ford,” Khota stressed. “That thing won’t float. It will sort of glide, I guess, so long as we’re touching the bottom, and it looked like it has oversize tires, but I didn’t get a good look at it. Still, I think they had lowered the water level for the work they were doing on Tayatoma. I know it’s not as deep that far up, it’s past all the ports and stuff.”

“Then we’ll find a sand bar and cross on that,” Takashi mused.

“That sounds like a plan,” Khota nodded.

“And enough planning for you for now,” Saeko announced, walking into the kitchen wearing a robe and carrying another one. “Go undress and put this on. I’ll put our clothes in the wash and then we’re taking a bath.”

He looked at her for only a second before nodding as if it was an everyday thing and getting to his feet.

“I’ll put this in my room,” he told Takashi, taking his weapons. “Make sure no one bothers them,” he asked.

“Got it dude,” Takashi promised.


For all her boldness outside, once they were in the bathroom Saeko became more reserved; almost shy, even. Khota couldn’t think of a single reason for her to be that way.

“Let’s use the shower,” he told her softly. “I want to wash you all over,” he whispered and she flushed darkly. “Then, I’m going to do terrible things to you, Saeko Busujima. Terrible, terrible things that will make you beg for mercy before I’m finished.”

“What does my Lord mean?” she asked, looking up at him with a feigned wide eyed expression, though a hint of that saucy smile lay beneath it.

“Oh, my Lady will see soon enough,” he promised. “First of all, though,” he pulled the robe off her shoulders slowly, “lets get rid of this.” He continued to gently tug the robe until it fell completely away in his hands, leaving her bare before him. Khota’s breath caught as he drank her in, and Saeko flushed again, in pleasure this time.

“My God,” he said softly. Emboldened, she turned slowly before him, allowing him to ‘inspect’ her. She could feel his eyes on her and reveled in it. Completing her turn she found a stunned look on his face that pleased her very much.

“My turn, my Lord,” she found her courage again, reaching for the belt of his robe and practically tearing the knot open. She pushed the robe back and down, not bothering with the slow reveal that Khota had used. He stood before her just as she had him, letting her look.

She took him in. Most of it she’d seen before, of course. Her hand instinctively trailed out and down over his scar, from just below his jaw to a point on his right side just above his waist line.

“It’s ugly, I know,” he told her, his voice apologetic.

“It’s beautiful,” she told him breathlessly. “It’s something you find on a man. A real man and not a boy.” She didn’t know what he’d looked like before his last summer in America, though he and the others had all told her he’d been chubby then, and somewhat awkward. That was all gone now she decided as she took in his broad shoulders and heavily built arms and legs. Her eyes continued down until she reached what interested her most tonight and she gasped a bit. Khota might not be a poster model, but he was definitely all man, there was no doubt.

“Oh, my,” she said, seeing him already at attention. She took him by the hand and led him to the shower.

“Allow me to bathe you, my Lord,” she said, her voice husky with desire.

They spent nearly half-an-hour doing just that, washing one another carefully, drawing out their pleasure as long as possible. Finally, Khota growled somewhere deep in his chest and pushed her to the wall of the shower. He took her wrists and held her hands above her, and her breasts heaved as her breathing became heavy indeed.

He kissed her, hard and deep, and she responded the same way. She could feel the heat from his groin against her own and literally moaned into his mouth as he pressed against her.

Releasing her hands (to her great disappointment) he trailed his kisses down her throat, leaving a ‘property of’ mark on each side of her lovely neck. She moaned against his wet hair, kissing the top of his head as he left the second one and then moved on.

He gently kissed his way to her heaving breasts, his hands cupping them gently as he first kissed, then suckled, then lightly bit her nipples. She had to cover her mouth at that, her exclamations becoming too much for her to keep down. He continued down, trailing kisses along her belly, his tongue circling her belly button and then entering it. She squirmed as that tickled and her hands entwined themselves in his hair.

Finally he moved on to his goal.

Saeko bit her lip as Khota’s mouth descended on her mound, his mouth open so his tongue could run across her skin. When his tongue reached just above her button, she squealed a bit, covering her mouth after the fact as she was still trying to be quiet.

But when his tongue reached her secret valley she lost it completely, literally screaming his name as he dipped beneath her, pulling her legs up onto his shoulders, leaving her back against the shower wall.

He kept her there, bringing her to one climax after another, her muscular thighs at times trying to crush him between them as she convulsed in pleasure. He never stopped, however. He slowed, he teased, he sped up, but he never stopped.

“KHOTAAAA!” he heard her call his name and it was the sweetest sound he’d ever heard.

Finally he lowered her legs to the floor, catching her in his arms as her trembling legs refused to support her. But he wasn’t going to leave her there for long. Wrapping his arms around her waist and cupping her bottom, he picked her up, lifting her to where she hovered over his now painfully erect member.

“Are you sure?” he whispered to her. She nodded, almost whimpering.

“I’m safe,” she whispered back. “Take me.”

He pulled her to him then, and she gave a small cry as he entered her ever so slowly. It was straining his control not to just throw her on the floor of the shower, but he had dreamed about this day for a long time. It was supposed to be different. Special. He had even began to imagine that they might be married some day once he was out of school, or perhaps once he graduated from the military academy, assuming he made it. He’d thought about what it would be like, having this gorgeous creature in his life permanently and forever. Special didn’t begin to cover it.

But. . .the end of the world might well have begun this morning. This might be all they had in the way of special, and he was determined to make it so as best he could.

Her mouth opened as he pushed slowly inside her, but no sound escaped her. She wrapped her arms around his neck even as her long legs locked around his middle and pulled her to him for a spine tingling kiss, moaning into his mouth as he pulled her further on to him. He felt a brief resistance and paused, but she suddenly pulled him harder and pushed herself against him, using the wall behind her and her legs wrapped around his middle for leverage. She cried out as he felt her barrier give, and then she was on him completely.

“K-Khota,” she whispered. “I had no. . .I wish we had. . .oh, love me, my wild and terrible shinigami,” she told him softly, grinding her hips against him. “Love me like there is no tomorrow because there may not be. If this is all we are to have, the let us have all that we can.”

She crushed her lips to his and there was no more talking. Not for a very long time.


“Get away from there!” Shizuka scolded when she saw Saya trying to hover near the bathroom door. “That’s personal!”

“I know that,” Saya hissed. “But she’s. . .she’s my sister in everything but blood!”

“That doesn’t mean she wants to share this with you, Saya,” Shizuka told her flatly. “Now come away from there before you do or hear something that embarrasses both of you.” Before Saya could reply she faintly heard Saeko moan out Khota’s name and turned several interesting shades of red in seconds.

“See, I told you!”


They showered again once they had recovered. Khota had taken her again, this time on the shower floor as the water beat down on them. Finally sated, they dressed in their robes again and stood at the door.

“You know we’re going to get a lot of ribbing over this,” he told her.

“Let them,” she told him, smiling gently. “Let them, my terrible shinigami,” she repeated.

“Shinigami, huh,” he grunted. He considered that for a moment, then shrugged. “I guess that’s accurate.”

“It’s only for me,” she told him. “Only for your Kitty,” she grinned impishly and kissed him again.

“Only for us,” he nodded, and then opened the door.

He’d half expected to see them all standing outside the door, waiting. Instead there was only Shizuka.

“Miss Busujima, I’d like to see you in your room a moment, if you please,” the nurse was all business, not a hint of teasing.

“Yes, Miss Shizuka,” Saeko was unusually demure. She looked at Khota and he nodded, kissed her cheek and then watched her depart with the nurse.


“I need to examine you, Miss Busujima,” Shizuka told her softly. “I’m almost positive, given your upbringing and honor, that you were intactica, yes?”

“Yes,” Saeko blushed like the schoolgirl she actually was.

“Lie down, and let me make sure you aren’t. . .damaged,” she settled for saying.

“He was very gentle,” Saeko felt her face aflame at talking about this with anyone, but Shizuka was a medical professional.

“Was there any blood?” Shizuka asked.


“Then he was gentle,” Shizuka smiled. “On the bed now and lie down. It’s only for a minute.”

She laid down and closed her eyes as Marikawa examined her pelvic area.

“There is some bruising,” Shizuka told her. “And what might be the tiniest tear, but it’s not bleeding, which is good. This will be cold, but I have some cream that will help with that.” Saeko’s face heated again as she felt Shizuka’s gloved hand on her private areas, but had to admit the cream did help almost at once.

“Saeko, all in all you look fine, but. . .wait at least three days before engaging him again,” Shizuka warned. “I’d prefer five days, ideally, but at least three. Your body needs time to heal or it might hurt much worse next time. I’m assuming that Khota is. . .well endowed, judging from what I can see in your exam,” Shizuka’s own face heated slightly at that, despite this being a professional question.

“Oh, yes,” Saeko nodded, a tiny smile crossing her lips.

“Then please, do as I say and wait before engaging in congress again,” the nurse urged. “There are always other. . .options,” she settled for saying.

“It will be as you say, Sensei,” Saeko agreed.

“Are you happy, Saeko?” Shizuka asked suddenly.

“Yes,” her reply was definite and immediate. “Very.”

“Good,” Shizuka beamed at her just as suddenly. “I think you two are adorable. I’m very happy for you.” With that the nurse took her things and left, leaving Saeko to wait for Khota.

“Are you okay?” he asked, closing the door behind him.

“I am very, very okay,” she smiled at him like a lazy cat. “But we must wait for five days, if we can, before ‘engaging in congress again’,” she used air quotes.

“Is that what she called it?” Khota chuckled. “And why? Not that I’d ever push you, but. . .wait, does that mean you’re hurt? Did I hurt you!?” she could hear panic rising in his voice and moved across the bed to place a finger on his lips, shushing him gently.

“No, my shinigami, you didn’t hurt me,” she promised. “There is some very slight damage that is a natural consequence of our actions and is completely normal. But, as you discovered yourself, that was. . .I was. . . .”

“I know,” he nodded, his forehead resting against hers. “I hope you don’t think it was a mistake.”

“Oh no, beloved,” Saeko assured him. “That was the furthest thing in the world from a mistake. If we made a mistake, I can’t wait to get it right!”