High School of the Dead: A change of Fates

First of all, here’s the fine print; The author of this fan fiction does not own nor make claim of ownership to Highschool of the Dead, its characters or anything else. This is a work of fanfiction written some time ago, for no remuneration of any kind. It is a labor of love meant only for the author’s enjoyment and that of others, available free of charge to anyone who cares to read it. Totally okay not sue him. 😉




I wrote fanfiction for a long time, and I’ve had several pieces just sitting around for a while now. One of them was a story set in High School of the Dead that I called Change of Fates.

A bit of an explanation is in order since I’ve realized some errors since then.Or at least I think they are errors, since I’m not completely sure, and at this point in the history of this piece, it doesn’t matter.


First of all, I thought that Japanese High School was only grades 10-12, at least the American equivalent. That meant that a second year student was a junior in high school for our American system. Turns out I may have had that wrong. I’m not sure, nor am I sure that there is a nation wide standard in Japan. I know that some school systems in America do the same thing, leaving ninth grade as a part of the so-called junior high program.

AS a result, most of the students in this story are now juniors, what I thought to be considered  second years.


The other major change is in hand with that one, since it (may) effectively adds one year to the time line before the Zombies appear. That makes the students a bit older, and more mature, as they have a bit more physical, mental and emotional development and a bit more life experience.


Some spellings may be incorrect. I’ve tried to check this for errors, and I think most of it is accurate, but if you’re a purist, you’re probably going to find errors in how some places are spelled, and maybe some names, as well as how the honorifics are used.


When I use the honorifics in this story, it’s done to show someone expressing extreme politeness to someone they know, or speaking to someone they either don’t know well or don’t have a relationship with at all. There doesn’t seem to be a ‘set’ way of using these honorifics that I can find for information purposes, and to be honest trying to dig any deeper just for a fanfiction seems a bit much. It’s meant to be entertainment, not historic.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of the show or the anime, you’ll see these issues anyway, so I’m just pointing them out to you now. Please don’t bother ‘flaming’ me over them, since I’m aware of the issues, but. . .this thing is waaaay over 100,000 words. Going through it again and changing a bunch of stuff would take time I really can’t spare. So I ask that if you are a purist or perfectionist, you read this in the spirit it’s offered; entertaining, and hopefully interesting.


I really do hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to comment away.