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I remember a song years ago called ‘Finally’. I can’t recall who sang it right now, since I just used all my memory to remember the song, but it was a good song.

A song with a name like that could describe me at the moment. After all this time, I have finally been able to finish Fire From the Sky book 6, and send it to the publisher. The title of the book is not Finally, but instead is Friendly Fire.

This Fire novel clocked in at just over 130k words, which is about 30-40k more than usual for a Fire novel.

I feel like I have gone ten rounds with. . .well, I can’t think of anyone, since I don’t keep up with fights anymore, but it would be somebody big and that punches like a mule kick.

Just as I was finishing, the tension bar for my computer ‘shelf’ decided to go on strike. I heard it and looked up just in time to get the top of my laptop computer right across the bridge of the nose. I thought ‘ow’, but it wasn’t that bad, right?

Few minutes later I feel something cold on my nose and reach up to wipe whatever it is off and my hand comes away bloody. My laptop top (and say that three times real quick 😉 )  had cut my nose and I was bleeding rather profusely. So. . . .

I also now LOOK as if I went ten rounds with someone who can punch like a mule kick.

At least now that I’ve managed to get book 6 finished, the stage is set for the next arc and I can probably get that working much better and maybe faster.

Assuming  I don’t get whacked again by my computer and end up with a concussion.

ON a completely different subject, I have yet to see Avengers;Endgame, and never saw Captain Marvel at all. I am feeling a bit ambivalent over the whole thing at this point, looking back at the mess made of the whole thing since CA:CW. I probably will see the movie, but. . .I know I won’t like it.

And I missed seeing the Aquaman movie in the theaters. Durn it.

I did however see that a new Dune movie is in the works, and appears to have a great cast, including said Aquaman, Jason Momoa, as Duncan Idaho. I have always been partial to the newer three part series over the movie from 1984, but I do admit to wondering how such a new movie now will play out. The effects should be pretty awesome, especially if they have a big budget, but they will have to step it up a notch to beat the series. We ‘ll see I guess.

So, it’s back to work for me, and hopefully faster now that I’ve gotten past so much change. I hope those of you who enjoy Fire will enjoy this latest novel and that it will have been worth the wait.

I appreciate all the notes wishing me well, and the encouragement you all send me. Sometimes that’s all that keeps me from giving up and just going fishing 😀

Thank you.