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half the year is way past gone. Two thirds of it in fact. What happened to all the time? I missed some of it somewhere, for real.

I’ve been very busy this year so far, so maybe that’s what happened, but whatever it was, I looked up today and ‘boom’ it’s nearly




By which of course I mean college football. I haven’t watched an NFL game in years and certainly won’t start now. College football on the other hand gives us all the chance to hate our friends and neighbors for reasons other than the election signs in their yards, 😀

I sometimes wonder what people in other nations think when they see one hundred thousand screaming Americans in a stadium like that. I imagine once in a while that they see us screaming at each other over a game and then try to imagine us at war, and then decide ‘you know, we ‘ll just leave them alone’, ROFL.

But seriously, this year has absolutely run away from me, screaming by like a banshee. It’s not that it’s been a bad year, it’s just gone by really quick.

Anyway, in just a few days we ‘ll be doing the only ‘teeing off’ that I’ve ever had an interest in; Kickoff!