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I have for the most part avoided any of the multitude of arguments over so called ‘gun control’ that have arisen of late. One of the main reasons I have done so is the simple fact that the Second Amendment to the Constitution, listed under the original Bill of Rights, flatly and completely ensures the right of the American citizen to both keep and to bear arms.

Some people try to say that applies only to the militia, but if you look at how the amendment is written, you can see that it is because of the necessity of a standing militia that the right to keep and bear arms is afforded the regular citizenry. Not as part of the militia, but as a way to resist that militia should it be controlled by a tyrannical government.

I am the first to admit that the recent spate of school shootings, hell ANY school shooting is bad. And that something has to be done about it. But looking at facts, when did such events begin to occur?

Americans have been owning firearms since before we were an actual nation. We have had access to such rifles as the AR-15 for a long time. When I was a boy, you could have searched the vehicles in the parking lot and in at least one out of three cars or trucks found a shotgun or deer rifle waiting for a student who was going hunting following school hours. We never had a school shooting even though all these guns were on school property at any given time.

Access to firearms is obviously not the issue, or else these problems would have arisen long before now.

So when we look for a solution to the problem, we need to start looking for when the problem started.

There’s no one thing that is likely to blame for what is happening right now. Certainly bullying seems to be a part of it. Ostracizing of students and marginalizing them can lead not only to resentment but a need or desire for revenge. Another problem is the so called “Gun Free Zone” acts.

Surely it has dawned on people by now that criminals simply don’t obey gun laws. These laws only serve to disarm good people who otherwise could be armed to defend themselves. I have read many times of brave, selfless teachers who placed themselves in front of their students in an effort to protect them. Jesus said there is no greater love than when someone lays down their life for their friends. Surely such love is demonstrated by an unarmed teacher facing certain death to try and protect their students with their last breath.

It’s time to eliminate Joe Biden’s Gun Free Zones. It’s time to place real protection at the entrances to our schools. Armed men and women who become the sheepdogs that protect our lambs.

Place true armed protection at our schools. Not ‘Resource Officers’ and not “Truancy Officers,” but real and true armed protection that is there for one reason only; protect our students. Limit entrance to the grounds to where any potential shooter must go through that protection to get to our children. We have a multitude of returning veterans who would make excellent protectors of our schools and would be proud to serve in such a capacity.

Allow willing teachers to be trained and certified to carry firearms for the protection of students and themselves. Don’t force any teacher to do so, and don’t allow every teacher to do so just because they want to. We can administer the same testing and training for them that we do for such officials as police officers. No, the teacher doesn’t have to pass the physical tests of a police academy, but they do have to pass the standard firearms training and certification if they want and are willing to be armed as a deterrent to attacks on their school.

In more than one instance we have seen that these shooters are doing these acts for notoriety. They choose targets that are ‘soft’, or incapable of fighting back.

Maybe it’s time we changed that.

Changing gun laws won’t stop a rampaging nut job from taking a stolen weapon and shooting his or her way through a school of unprotected children.

An armed and prepared protector could.