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I’d like to wish everyone a safe, happy and blessed holiday season. Many will be traveling this year, myself included, and I hope you have a trouble free and pleasant journey.

I’ve had many inquiries about “Trial by Fire” which is the next Sanders’ novel. I had, as I said before, hoped to have it released before Christmas but due to circumstances completely out of  my control that wasn’t possible. Making a long story short, my doctor didn’t like my check up and ordered me up a rather invasive test to check my heart. Bad news was that it cost me a trip to Rocky Top with my family, put me weeks behind schedule, and hurt like a – – – – it hurt. A lot.

GOOD news was that the test revealed there was nothing wrong. So, while regretting the difficulty it caused, I find it difficult to be angry about things. The doctor gets paid to look after me and did just that. And I got good news. How often does that happen? So I decided to be thankful for what I had and hush.

Meanwhile, my schedule for next year is pretty intense and now Trial by Fire will be added to that as the first novel out of the gate after the new year. Assuming the Lord is willing, plans for 2018 will include a number of projects, including at least two Sanders’ novels as well as the fourth Parno novel and third Stormcrow novel. There MAY be others added to that as time goes along but until I see how quickly work progresses I will not be adding to the ‘official’ schedule.

Thank you all so very much for a wonderful year. That seems so inadequate and yet it’s all I can offer you, other than to keep writing. And I promise to keep writing so long as any of you want to read.

God bless and may you all have a prosperous, healthy and happy new year!