Irma is a monster. Largest storm on record for a storm outside the Caribbean or the Gulf. By now maybe anywhere, I don’t know. Mandatory evacuations all up and down the coast now with millions watching and waiting to see what happens.


If you had to evacuate with little to no notice, would you be prepared? If you are separated from family do you have an alternate way to communicate? Do you have a disaster kit with food, water and meds for at least three days? You should have two weeks worth of these things in your house at all times just to be safe. Doesn’t have to be pricey, just plain rice and beans will get you by in a pinch. Maybe a canned ham or two, or even Treet or Spam. Canned chili or ravioli. Anything that can be prepared and eaten with a minimum of fuss. A pack of paper plates, a bag of wipes, and a roll of toilet paper and paper towels is also an essential item, as is cutlery and drinking cups.


This list could keep going but I think you get the idea. Always be prepared. It might be an out of control fire, a quake, or. . .a monster hurricane. But if you have to move and move quickly, you need to be ready for it.


If you pray to the Almighty, please pray for those in Florida, and in the islands already hit. Please remember those who are still digging out from Harvey. And remember those in the northwest who are burning.


And give thanks if you’re not in the path of such devastation.