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Parno’s Gambit, Book III in the Black Sheep of Soulan, will hit the market March 10! Featured here is the dust jacket image for the hardcover edition (YAY) and the blurb from that back cover;

His father murdered by his insane sister. His older brother in exile for attempting a coup against the Crown. His oldest brother very nearly dead at the hands of the same sister and now on the throne only by the grace of a skilled surgeon who wanted to see the man she hoped to marry.

All in all, Parno McLeod’s family troubles have gone from bad to worse of late. And if that wasn’t enough for the young Marshal of the Army, he’s also facing an army that outnumbers his almost three-to-one, fighting on two fronts and stretched thin in numbers, equipment and supplies.

Add to that now an insane sibling controlling an elite regiment of Soulan cavalry and heading south to free her traitorous twin in hopes of putting him on the throne, a flood of refugees from the war torn area of the invasion path of the Norland Imperial Army, spies and saboteurs in their midst, and a sudden startling revelation that despite his successes so far, he is as close to losing the war as he has been since it began.

It’s enough to give anyone a headache.

As Parno struggles to adapt to his new position of importance after so many years of being ignored, he likewise struggles to prevent the enemy from driving any deeper into his Kingdom’s territory and with getting ‘reluctant’ bureaucrats to help him by simply doing their jobs correctly in the King’s name!

Parno has been fortunate, and he is a gifted leader for one so young, but he is young, and inexperienced. He has a plan that will save his people, but he’s about to learn a very important lesson; no plan survives contact with the enemy.

Gambling with his people’s freedom, Parno tries to do too much, too soon, and with too few men. A gambit that he admits is dangerous, and may yet see the capitol of Soulan in flames!

I know it’s been a long road to book Three, but I hope you find it has been worth the wait.

Thank you all so much!


EDITED TO ADD: Just got an update, and Gambit is available for pre-order HERE!