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It is a cold and rainy morning here in Badland folks. We need the rain so I don’t complain, and it’s just the kind of rain we need, too. Slow and steady. Only problem is it’s supposes to turn really cold by Thursday so. . . .brrrrrrr. Still, the rain is a blessing and you don’t look a blessing in the mouth. Or something like that.  😀

My heart was breaking this week and still is at the devastation in Gatlinburg. Having lived in that area years ago I visited it often with my family. It always seemed so magical somehow.

We’ve seen a good deal of heartbreak as the death toll rises, too. The loss of natural beauty and economic property is meaningless next to a lost life, and at least 11 have perished that I know of. I learned earlier this morning that a woman and her two very young daughters have tentatively been identified among those who are confirmed dead, and I know their family is devastated, as are so many others. Three brothers from Memphis who were injured escaping the fire learned that their parents were not so lucky.

WE CANNOT say enough about the firefighters who fight these blazes, folks. Walking right into that fire as others run away takes a special courage that not everyone has. May God bless and keep them all and thank you, all of you, for being there.

The fires are not out but apparently are somewhat contained. This rain should help when it arrives, assuming it makes it over the mountains. I know everyone there can use the relief.

Please pray for the people in that area, and for those assisting them in this time of crisis.