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It is a foggy albeit beautiful Sunday morning in the House of Tyree!

We hope that your Thanksgiving was blessed and happy, full of food, friends and family and maybe a bit too much dessert. We also hope that if you were brave enough to attempt Black Friday that you were unhurt and able to get what you were after, and we applaud your bravery in pursuit of whatever it was. 🙂

Just think, soon it will be Christmas! Where has this year gone? I really don’t know. At first I thought it was me getting older, but even younger people are scratching their heads and going ‘wasn’t it just August?’

I blame the election for distracting us, and the heat of the early fall as well for throwing us off balance. Add to that the late time change and suddenly it’s late fall.

Speaking of the election, it seems about half the public has lost their minds over the election. I guess accepting the election only works for you if you actually won it. Otherwise, ‘protest, protest, protest’. Oh and of course, destroy other people’s property by vandalism or fire.

I hope you stay safe and avoid conflict in the weeks leading up to Christmas and the inauguration. We’ll soon see a new Prez and see what happens then. In the meantime, I must write, write, write, and I am, am, am!

Parno’s Gambit is at least one third finished at this point and moving quickly. It is entirely possible that it will be available for Christmas, assuming I can finish it in time for the editor to get it proofed.

Check out the other writers who work for Creative Texts at their website, including Jerry Young, a PAW writer from way back. Remember, send compliments to me and complaints to them! 😀

I do sincerely wish all of you a safe and happy rest of your holiday weekend. Be safe and be blessed.



EDITED to ADD: Learned of the death of Ron Glass late yesterday. I was saddened to think of it and hear it. While I remember him on Barney Miller, he will forever be to me Shepherd Book, The Preacher with a Past whose bible is somewhat fuzzy on kneecaps.

RIP Shepherd. You’re flying high now.