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I have completed the second novel in the Stormcrow series and sent it off to the publishers just yesterday. This second novel is somewhat longer than the first in the series and will begin to delve a bit deeper into the backgrounds of Tony, Jessica, and Sean. We will also meet some very interesting new characters and have just a bit of fun here and there despite the serious situation the crew finds themselves in. When I get the cover art I’ll post it here, and I’ll also announce here and on my Facebook page when the release date for STORMCROW: Birds of a Feather, is set.

Parno’s Gambit, the third novel in the Blacksheep of Soulan series, will now be my primary focus though I do have other projects simmering on the back burner that I’m working steadily on when hung up somewhere else. I don’t know exactly when Parno’s Gambit will be finished since it really does take a while to hammer out a 150k+ novel,  even when you know how you want it to go. 😀

Election Day will be on us come Tuesday. If you haven’t voted early, please remember to exercise your right to vote. Many people over the last 200+ years have made great sacrifices to insure that right for us. I fear if we don’t exercise all of our rights these brave men and women fought and often died for, then we’re making light of those sacrifices. I’d not want to do that. They deserve better, because they earned it. Lets give respect where it’s due and exercise our rights. Not just in voting, but all of our rights. Insist upon them when they’re infringed upon.

I hope all of you had a safe and fun Halloween, and I wish all of you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving as we head that way. This year has left us behind in a hurry it seems.

Thanks for now,