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I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, the more so since I spent my sick, lol. Recovering now from surgery I’ve had time to do a bit more work and also to actually read a bit and take it easy, even if it’s painful. 😀

I saw today that my recent fanfiction for High School of the Dead is getting a lot of traffic so I hope that means you’re enjoying it if you’re reading it. I apologize again for the roughness and for any sort of mistakes, but. . .as I said earlier, while these stories are pretty much finished, they aren’t beta’d or proofread. I do try to at least check for glaring errors such as spelling and what have you, but with stuff this long I just don’t have the time to go over them like I once did. I hope that doesn’t take away from their value as entertainment, since that’s all they are meant to be.

I’ve had a few messages and e-mails about why I ‘refused’ to post this and other fics on FF.Net, but. . .I never said I wouldn’t put them there, maybe later on. I just said I wasn’t going to right now because it’s time consuming. Believe it or not it’s a lot easier to just put something already written up here on my blog than to upload it to fanfiction.net. If I get the time or if there really is a lot of interest in seeing it there then I’ll still try to do it later on, (like I said, time permitting). But, honestly, I figure if you’re seeing it here, it won’t make any difference to you to see it there, later on. Right?

At any rate, after this one I have one other HSOTD fic, one from Fate/Stay Night, and one from another anime or two that I honestly don’t know how long ago I wrote. As I get time I’ll probably post them all, sooner or later anyway, though I warn you again that they aren’t polished, beta read, or anything else. They’re just. . .for fun. Just something to share with those of you who follow my writing and frequent my blog page.

I hope you enjoy if they’re your cup of tea, and in the meanwhile, I do hope all of you are having a great summer!