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A few days past I saw the report about the death of Anton Yelchin, who is perhaps best known for playing Chekov on the new Star Trek movies. This was a sad thing to hear, as he was a very talented young actor. While he may have been best known for his appearance in Star Trek, and something called Alpha Dog,  I knew him from his role as Odd Thomas.

Odd Thomas is a character of Dean Koontz, who can see the dead, along with creatures who push them to die or influence them to commit murderous acts. Yelchin brought the character to life and I’m convinced that no one could possibly have done it better. I was hoping for a sequel someday, assuming someone would make it, as it was a fantastic role for him and a great movie to watch.

He’ll be missed by many I’m sure, and it will be strange to see someone else playing his roles, assuming they do re-cast those parts.


RIP Anton.