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A good while back (well, years now) I was surfing Netflix and came across the anime for High School of the Dead. I had ignored anime for years because to me it was just cartoons, right? Well, some are of course, but one night I watched the first episode of Trinity Blood when it was streaming on Netflix and since then I have had quite a different view of anime features. As an aside, if you haven’t seen Trinity Blood, a vampire tale set in the far future, you should check it out. Anyway.


High School of the Dead was pretty funny, despite the serious nature of the content, mostly because of the effects of traveling with four good looking women on two teenage boys. There’s a lot of gratuitous pantie flashing and things of that sort, which I’m given to understand is very popular in Japan and I’m sure here as well.


Despite all that, the story itself intrigued me, not the least of reasons being that I had a draft working at the time about high school kids facing a similar problem. I found the gravity of the situation to be fairly real, and realized that with just a bit of tweaking (because what is fanfiction if not ‘tweaking’ right?) it could become something all togeher different.


So, some time ago I wrote this fanfiction. I’m no longer doing that, but this story was never put up on FF.Net, it just sat on my hard drive until I noticed it the other day.


It’s been my practice since I started this page to put stories here that aren’t available anywhere else, so I decided that I’d do the same with this one. I may at some point add it to FanFiction.Net, but I think for now I’ll let it stay here.


It’s far too long to post all at once, so I’ll add to it as time allows. I’ll try to have the first chapter or two up sometime this evening. I hope it gives you some pleasurable reading.


Meanwhile, I’m currently working on three new projects, including the next Parno novel which I have tentatively called “Parno’s Gambit”. That title is subject to change, but my original plan of this being a trilogy has gone completely by the wayside now. There’s just no way I can tell the expanded story in three books, and probably not four, either. So. . .more work for the weary 😀


Anyway, I hope you enjoy.


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