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Several reviewers and comments have posed a question about both of these books/characters over the last month or so, and I wanted to take a moment to talk about that. The question is whether or not there are/will be other books for these characters.


Parno’s Destiny is actually the second book of what was originally intended to be a trilogy, but will now probably at least be four books if not more. The story began to explode on me a bit and I didn’t want to cut it so. . .it grew. Lord willing I should live, look for at least two more Parno novels in the future.


Stormcrow was always intended to be a series of novels, and there will be at least five and probably more, again providing the Lord wills I live long enough to get them done. The story surrounding Stormcrow is complex and complicated, and it won’t get played out over two or even three books. I don’t know how far it might go, and in truth it may depend on reader reactions to future novels. So long as I can create a good story and there is interest, I’ll probably try to continue it.


SO, for those of you wondering, yes I do plan on more of both. Hopefully this year, late on, but. . .it’s already May, and it takes longer than you might think to pound out 150k words. Or at least longer than I thought it would, lol.


I sincerely appreciate all the interest, and I hope if you read them they were worth your time.


Have a wonderful week!