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Today is sort of bittersweet for me in a way. A few hours ago I posted the last chapter of the Shade tales that will ever be written. Eight years and over a half million words since I first sat down a began writing. A lot has happened since then.

And today saw the end of it. So many wonderful people have encouraged me and cheered me on over those years and all those words. It has been a truly wonderful experience for me, and I hope enjoyable for them.

Now I’m writing the story of the character I based Shade on all those years ago, a story that I had come up with but had no where to express it. Remember that I’m less of a writer and more of a story teller. Now I’ve found an outlet for Stormcrow, the original Shade if you will. I suppose then it’s only fitting that Shade come to an end. And truthfully, I don’t have the time to do it justice anymore.

But just as truthfully, I’ll miss it. I’ll miss writing for so many good people, and coming up with unique ways to leave people hanging with cliffies, as the saying goes. But doesn’t everyone love a little suspense? No?

So farewell, Shade. It has been a blast.