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I am all but finished I think with Parno’s Destiny. What an exhausting ride it’s been, too, lol. I don’t have a release date yet, of course, since it will have to face the edit and proofing by CT Publishers, but as soon as I have one I’ll post it here.

This book is running about 150k words, so it’s a mouthful for sure. I never imagined when I started his story that it would evolve into something so complicated and intricate. Characters have become more complex as I worked, and situations have changed literally as I wrote them when an idea would hit me.

Despite how exhausting it has been, I’ve loved doing it. However, any writer will tell you there’s nothing more intimidating than a blank page staring back at you. A week from now, when I’m staring at that blank page, I’ll probably wish I was back working on Destiny, lol. But for now, I’m glad to be able to tell you that it will be available soon.