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If you are a fan of my fanfiction writing, specifically my “Shade” verse in Firefly fanfiction on fanfiction.net, then you may be happy to see this.

See, Shade was based on an original character idea that I had. I adapted it to Firefly fanfiction because I never thought I’d be a published author and heck it would be fun, right? Writing fanfiction started, for me, as an escape from hours of sitting in hospitals or at home while caring for a terminally ill parent many years ago.

After I started actually writing books for real, I decided that the original ‘Shade’ deserved at least a chance to be read, so the first of what I hope will be several novels is almost ready for publication.

STORMCROW is the original character that Shade is based on. The only real similarity between the two universes is the fact that both are ‘set’ for the most part on cargo ships. Otherwise Stormcrow shares very few points of any kind with Firefly. Each character in the story has their own baggage and their own issues, to be sure.

The story is a bit dark, and be warned it’s not a ‘space opera’ with fleets and battles in space, but rather more of a sci-fi action adventure. Stormcrow will be much more. . .’shade’ like, than Shade, if you catch my meaning.

Anyway, Stormcrow is almost ready to go to the publishers, so this is a friendly heads up to all of you who enjoyed Shade over the years.

Release information will be posted here and on my FB and Twitter page when I receive it.