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Morning sports fans! Something I’ve not done in a while is post movie and book reviews. Truth is I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t had the chance to watch or read much, but recently I have had the opportunity to catch a few. Here’s what they were, and how I liked them. Or not.

THE ADMIRAL; Roaring Currents

This is a Korean movie, so subtitles will be the order of the day. A historical drama (for lack of a better word) that follows Admiral Yi Sun-sin in the Battle of Myeongnyang, which took place in October of 1597.

Admiral Yi, with a total of 13 ships, faced off against a Japanese fleet of over 300 in a last ditch, last stand defense of Korea from occupation and defeat. Now this is a long movie folks, so have your popcorn popped and ready to go 🙂 but it’s more than worth the effort and time. Don’t allow the slow build up to throw you off as the stage is excellently set for the battle and the aftermath.

The visuals are stunning and the details are immaculate. My knowledge of the old culture of either nation is slim but what I do know was reproduced fairly accurately. This would be similar to say an America movie such as In Harms Way, an old WW2 John Wayne film that was also about a desperate naval battle in the early days of the Pacific war (though to my knowledge In Harms Way is completely fictitious while The Admiral; Roaring Currents is based on actual events). By this comparison I mean to say that the movie would be a patriotic and celebratory movie for the Korean people.

This was an excellent movie folks. If you enjoy historical drama, this movie is definitely worth your time.


This movie is set in ancient New Zealand and centers on a conflict between two Maori tribes and a single warrior of a dead tribe who protects the land of his people with ferocious attacks that had led others to believe he is a demon.

Without giving too much away, the younger protagonist manages to secure the assistance of the ‘demon’ tribal warrior as his enemies cross the solitary warrior’s lands. In the process he learns to be a warrior himself at the hands of the older man. Beneath the action of this movie is another tale that slowly comes to the fore and is almost worthy of a prequel movie in its own right, though whether it will get one or not I have no idea.

Again in subtitles, this movie, while not equal to The Admiral, is well worth the time to watch it. It’s fairly fast paced, and exciting to watch, especially the Maori-centric actions of the tribal warriors.


This movie I actually saw in the theater last week. I warn you now that the movie borders on tedious in places, but in the end all that you are shown is relevant so I suppose it was necessary. Gothic in appearances, the movie has some great roles played by actors and actresses who know their business. It isn’t an action movie by any means, but a ghost story of sorts, or rather it centers on a young woman who can see ghosts. The effects of the ghosts are pretty awesome in their own right to be honest.

Again, need to have your popcorn ready when you sit down since it does seem to drag on, but like I said as the movie draws to a close, most everything you’ve sat through makes sense. Worth the matinee price we paid to see it.


This is a British television series starring Idris Elba. The title character, John Luther, is a brilliant if troubled detective who simply cannot play by the rules and thus is constantly in trouble. I’ve seen only the first season so far, but it was a great first season. Idris Elba is of course awesome, and Saskia Reeves of DUNE fame (the remake) plays his boss. Gritty, suspenseful, and full of twists and turns, Luther is another show that’s worth the investment if these kind of shows are your forte. I look forward to the second season as I get time.

Any of these shows are a great watch if they are in your favored genres. I would recommend The Admiral to you even if you aren’t a ‘war film’ fan because it is soooo much more than just a war movie. The acting is wonderful and makes me wish I knew the Korean language just so I could follow along without subtitles.

If you decide to check them out, I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to come back and leave a comment here if you do see them and we can compare notes!