Today I’m going to try and start something new. As a rule over the years I haven’t had regular blog posts since I’m reluctant to start something or make promises that I may not be able to keep. Sometimes there just isn’t anything to write about a subject, no matter how interesting it might be.

Since then however I have entered the lofty (though in no way high paying, lol) realm of Author, and people sometimes want to know things. I try to reply and respond to personal messages as often as I can but it is time consuming and sometimes I just don’t have enough time in a day, or even a week. And in many cases, several people a similar question. Because of those similarities, I’m going to start trying to do this Q & A Friday to answer some of those most commonly asked questions. Comments and additional questions are always welcome, and as with any others I will try to reply/respond when and if I can.

That being said, here goes, the first subject being ‘sequels’, as in, will _______ have a sequel? I’ll go down the list.

ODD BILLY TODD – possibly at some point in the future, though it was never planned. Billy was always meant to be a single story and I pretty much ended it on a good, solid note. Because of so many requests I have begun to sketch a bare bones outline for it, but that’s all it is at the moment and no work is currently being done on it.

ROLAND – probably. I am currently working on a sequel to Roland, called Paladin Rising. It’s roughly a third of the way finished at this point though it needs polishing and a little character re-work here and there. Lord willing I should live so long and stay healthy then Roland will almost certainly at some point have a follow-up.

PARNO – Absolutely. Unlike Billy and Roland, Parno was always meant to be a trilogy. The second book, Parno’s Destiny, is well under way at the moment and doing pretty well I think. Lord willing I hope it will be released later this year, but at this point no release date has been set. There will be at least two more books featuring Parno, however if the Lord let’s me live to see them done.

Tammy and Ringo – Yes and no. Tammy and Ringo, though it isn’t listed on the Amazon page or in the novel itself, is set in a larger ‘universe’ so to speak called ‘Rabid’. There is already one partially completed work in that same universe that may or may not feature Tammy and Ringo or Hiram and Helen or all or none. At this point I’m not sure how the next book will go just yet. However, again Lord willing, Tammy and Ringo will in all likelihood return at some point in the series, perhaps even featured in their own story once more though that isn’t something I’m willing to promise.

The Monster of Creasy’s Hollow – Yes, assuming it ever gains any real interest. This is far outside my normal writing area and is meant to be a series of novella type YA books. The second one is on hold at the moment because of other projects, but is about forty percent finished I’d estimate.

The Kid – No. Always intended as a short story with no follow up.


When will your new book be out?

My latest novel is called “Friggin’ Zombies” a working title that by consensus of the proof readers has stuck. It is a hopefully funny look at a man who realizes that zombies are real, and they are coming, and follows his attempts to prepare himself for it. It was delivered to the publishers at Creative Texts Publishing yesterday. It will have to be edited, proof-read and formatted, after which it will be available as an e-book and in paperback.

SIDE NOTE: All of my titles that were released as an indie self-published book will eventually be given the professional treatment as Parno was and then offered in paperback. Those take a back burner to newer works of course, and I am far from their only writer, so please be patient. Their work in these areas is soooo much better than mine I promise it’s worth it.

THIRD QUESTION; ARE YOU EVER GOING TO FINISH BONESPEAR? Note the caps. That’s because I often get messages in caps about Bonespear.

The Bonespear Chronicles was supposed to be a lark. A joke. Something I did when I had writer’s block that would let me free my mind a bit and still entertain people.

Only it grew, and grew, and then grew some more. I have had many many many people (Mrs Bad among them) want more Bonespear. And I hope there will be more one day, but. . .writing in the Bonespear world is not always easy. It’s in first person and I have to think in terms of the North Pole that I ‘grew’ in my head all the while just thinking this was a lark. A lampoon even. So I’m trying. But taking something that you were just intending to have fun with and turning it into a finished product is a lot harder than I just made it sound. I’ve tossed at least five ideas out the window about how to continue the story so far, but I do still spend a great deal of my copious spare time working on it. I actually like it myself and enjoy the story, but sometimes characters take on a life of their own, as do stories, and Bonespear was one of them. I’m honestly trying, but as I’ve said many times before, I always try to present the reader with the best possible story I can. Far too many people have been kind enough to support my writing for me to just shovel something half-baked out to them just so I can say ‘Hey, another one!’. I don’t think it’s ethical, and as a reader it always makes me angry when someone does it to me.

That’s not to say that there won’t be works of mine you don’t like because we don’t all like the same things. But it hopefully won’t be because the story is bad, it will simply be that it isn’t your kind of story, which is a different kettle of fish altogether.

And let me add here that I cannot ever thank all of you enough for your kind words. You can’t imagine how nice it is to get a compliment on something you’ve worked so hard on. Thank you all so much. I don’t write to ‘be’ a writer. I write to entertain. To take you someplace you’ve never been (and in some cases I hope you never go) and maybe let you live vicariously (as I do) through this often troublesome and always disobedient characters of mine who so often refuse to do what I want. Like I said, sometimes character take on a life of their own and you can either go with it, or just quit. I prefer to go with it and see where it takes me.

So there it is for today. I’ll try and revisit this particular idea each Friday, or when there is sufficient interest in something ( which is anyone asking me something I can answer ). Despite what I constantly tell Mrs Bad, I do not actually know everything 🙂

Again, thank you all. I could never say that enough.