I have no idea where the time has gone folks. One minute it’s starting to warm up and the next minute it’s below sixty at night and I’m needing a blanket. Everyone used to tell me that time would go by much quicker as I got older, and they seem to have been telling the truth.

Despite having yet another surgery, (sigh) I have been busy busy busy. I honestly wonder sometimes how I keep projects separate in my head. One of these days you’re going to be reading a Parno sequel and Roland will be asking him a question. Or you’re reading the Roland sequel and he’s wondering who in the hell is Parno McLeod. Well, hopefully not, but you see what I mean.

It’s also drawing near to football time. UT will kick off the season on Sept 5 against Bowling Green. And just like that my Saturdays are full, lol.

Meanwhile, the last touches have gone into the Friggin’ Zombies novel. It’s getting a proof read or two and then it’s off to the publishers for edit and then there it will be. It’s not the typical zombie story since this focuses on one man’s attempt to be prepared for what he thinks is coming (zombies) without being committed to a mental institution. I’m already planning at least one sequel, but other than that we’ll see how it goes.

Other projects are very far along as well so I’m hoping to have a very productive fall.

Let me take this opportunity as well to tell each of you how much I appreciate your kind words as I recovered from surgery, and your support for my work. I told someone the other day after a complain about my sentence structure that I was a story teller, not really a writer. Sometimes my sentences probably wouldn’t get a good review from the teacher. I use dialect a good deal, hoping to convey the speech of someone is a more accurate way (hopin’, as it were).

If these things confuse or annoy you I sincerely apologize. I’ve always sought realism in what I write, above all else. I want you to read these stories and then think ‘yeah, I can see that’.

I want to entertain you. I’m not looking for an award of some kind, save to hear those of you who read say you’ve enjoyed the experience. That’s better than any award from anywhere.

Thank you all,