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If you have not seen the finales for Grimm, Arrow, and Flash, then stop reading this post so that I don’t ruin them for you. If you have seen them and want to read and discuss, do continue on!

Oh, where to start! Grimm first since it was the first one I saw. The last two, maybe three episodes really kept me guessing. Seeing Trubel return was awesome but the death of Nick’s mom was a total bummer. I had soooo hoped that Juliette would get her act together and not be quite so evil and maybe even be a boon to Nick and by extension Renard. We don’t know for sure that Trubel killed her but even if she didn’t, I think it’s safe to say that the romance there is dead as a doornail. And what was up with that FBI Wesen chick at the end sending her hit team after Trubel? I don’t think she knows that Nick is a Grimm, so here’s hoping that comes as a rude awakening. I’m always happy to see someone like that get their comeuppance. I can only imagine what the season opening will be like since it should start out right where this one left off. And finally, how about that deal with Renard? Being possessed by Jack the Ripper? And the cool way they framed his ‘cousin’ for the crimes, I loved it! On top of that, the King gets chucked out of the helicopter! That adorable little girl is now in the hands of the Resistance, and I can only hope that they have good plans for her. Oh, and that makes me wonder about the new baby that’s going to be half Hexenbeist and maybe half Grimm. This show definitely left more questions than answers for its next season.

Then there was Arrow. The show itself was good, but I was left with a lot of issues in how it ended. Not that it wasn’t well done, I just didn’t like it all. Hey, fan’s prerogative, right? Anyway, I know Diggle has a right to be angry, but it seemed to me that the way things were written Oliver really didn’t have much choice. He could play the bad guy or risk Ra’s coming after everyone he loved eventually. Oliver had limited options and had Laurel and Dig not interfered, he wouldn’t have had to resort to taking Lyla to make a trade. Hopefully Diggle will come to get that in the future. It’s a dangerous game, right? Be sure you can afford the buy in.

I REALLY don’t like the idea of Merlyn being the new Ra’s. If anything I thought that should have gone to Nyssa. Had I been Oliver I can safely say I would have buried a knife in Merlin’s guts and left him laying to see if he could ‘magician’ himself out of that. Of course it does set up some interesting possibilities for the future. I did enjoy that Oliver and Felicity drove off into the sunset together. What I don’t like is that the Arrow is exposed. Yeah I know Roy took the blame and then turned up fake dead, but still. . .how are they going to come back from that? Hated to see Roy go as well, but I suppose he had to go to make room for Thea to become Speedy. I’m afraid that the writers may have written themselves into a corner here, but we’ll see what happens. They’ve been very good so far and there’s no reason to doubt them. The last scene showing the top of Palmer Tower blowing up was a shocker, but we already know that ATOM will be part of the Legends so that’s not really a cliffie. And remember waaaay back when Ray had Felicity sign papers for transfer of ownership? I think she might have just been given Palmer industries. Or Queen Consolidated. Or whatever. Be interesting to see about that.

And then there was the Flash. The last three episodes were really great to be honest. But this is a show I have loved from the start and I am an unabashed fan. The finale was heart wrenching to say the least, but also full of good times and ended in the cliff of all cliffs. Hated that Eddie had to die but I suppose that was the only way for Iris and Barry to end up together. I really think it would have been better if it was Barry and Caitlin, due mostly to the good chemistry between Gustin and Panabaker, but if they’re sticking fairly close to the original comics and all then Caitlin was bound to end up with Ronnie Raymond.

I have to say that the one huge disappointment for me in the Flash was how Iris found out that Barry was the Flash. I hugely preferred the original way, with her seeing Barry change in order to try and stop Mardon’s tidal wave, but of course Barry went back in time and that all got screwed up. Her finding out the other way and being all mad about it just wasn’t fair or right. I admit that’s just my opinion, but I’m willing to bet that at least some fans agree with me.

Next season will start out with something special I guess as Flash tries to save the city. Don’t forget Grodd is still lose, and who can forget the Easter Egg of Jay Garrick’s helmet coming through the wormhole? That was unexpected but very cool. Cisco finding out he was affected by the explosion was pretty cool so I’m wondering how that will manifest in season 2 as well. There was a hint about Hal Jordan there too, and there have been two references that I remember to Ferris Air, so will we see a GL cameo? I think we might, but let’s face it; special effects for a Green Lantern on a regular basis is going to be costly. Maybe too much so. Still, having Jordan drop in once in a while would be pretty awesome. And remember that thanks to Snart’s betrayal all the meta’s that Flash had captured before are on the loose again. We may or may not see them again in season 2. I’m betting may to be honest, depending on what happens in the season premiere.

And last but not least don’t forget the Legends trailer.  I have to say that it looks awesome. Again I think FX will be the hanging point. The shows ratings will have to be strong in order to make enough money to pay for all the special effects but considering the build up in both Arrow and Flash I think it will do just that. Bringing back Caity Lotz’s character as the WHITE Canary is a pretty good move, and including Snart and Heatwave is another decent shot. Remember that I’m not a comic aficionado so I’m looking at his mostly from an entertainment standpoint. I think this show will be interesting, and I think it has humongous potential. Whether it can deliver or not we’ll just have to see.

I honestly can’t wait to see what happens with the new seasons of all these shows. And it’s a long, long time until then. In the meantime, there’s fan-fiction and reruns to occupy my copious amounts of spare time.