I’ve just completed work on my next book, tentatively titled “Tammy and Ringo”. That title may change but it’s been the working title since I began so I’m still using for now. I’ve posted the first two chapters of Tammy and Ringo under a new page that should be visible atop the page here.

This is the raw work so please keep that in mind as you read. There’s been no proof reading or editing other than just fixing what errors I happen to see while working. I hope you enjoy it. The book itself is about seventy thousand words and follows the exploits of two young people who find themselves in the midst of a man-made catastrophe. Strangers thrust together by circumstance they work together as the world unravels around them.

Feel free to leave comments on the blog, I’d love to hear what you think. Look for this title as soon as I can finish the proofing and what have you.