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First of all, an apology for not updating this blog sooner. In truth I have been hard at work for the last two weeks on several projects.

I am mostly recovered from my surgery, though still not ‘released’ from the doctor’s care. That will hopefully happen in the next three weeks or so if I continue to do well.

I have received numerous e-mails and messages wishing me well and asking how I have been, and I can’t tell you, all of you, how much it meant to me to get them. It really did.

As for the projects I am working on currently, there is Parno’s Destiny of course, the second book of Parno McLeod. I have begun, and I stress begun to work on a possible sequel for Roland. There is absolutely no schedule for it at this time, since right now it’s a collection of ideas, notes, and a few pages of dialogue. But I am working to see if I can make it happen.

I also have the barest sketch of a possible sequel to Odd Billy Todd. I make no promises on that end, since I don’t know that I can manage it. The story was written to be a single event, and I’m not sure I can add to it, but I am studying the idea for one reason; so many have asked for one if possible. If I can do it, and that’s a big IF at this point, then I’ll try.

I’m also working on an entirely new PAW novel introducing a new character. There’s no projected release date for it, but it’s well under way. The same goes for Parno’s Destiny. While there’s no projection yet for when it will be released, it is well along it’s way.

I am also many chapters into my Zombie fic, “Friggin’ Zombies”, which is only a working title. It’s new territory for me, but coming along well, IMO. Now that I’m not literally ‘laid up’ and can work again, I hope to have it to you sooner rather than later.

My other projects at this time are basically drawing board stages, and may or may not develop into real story lines. I have however conquered a long writer’s block on my final Firefly Fan fiction story in my Shade ‘verse, Prodigal Son. Win, lose, or draw, it will be the final story in that series, and probably for fanfic in general, unless I have time to finish a Startrek;Enterprise trilogy, one story of which is already available.

There is no way for me to adequately express to all of you how much your support means to me. There’s really not. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for your encouragement, especially while I have been recovering from my surgery.

You are the reason I write.

Love to all,

NC Reed