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The following is nothing more than this writer’s personal opinion. I state no facts other than the one that has led me to comment on this (statement by Michael Moore about US Snipers). Your input is welcome if you want to share it. NC

News is buzzing this week with Michael Moore’s tweet about U.S. Snipers being cowards. Various celebrities have responded in support of American service personnel, and the news stories are hot with any reply to the idiot.

Here’s the thing; why bother replying to this idiot? Moore has been exposed as one of ‘them’, the rich people he has literally gotten rich off despising and demonizing in his documentaries. He has become irrelevant in our society. A nobody. Again. Just like he should be.

Saying something outrageous that’s designed and intended to inflame public opinion and garner attention is a last gasp effort by this loser to get his name back into the limelight.

Don’t let him get away with it. When he makes these statements, respond with Michael Who? and then keep on trucking. No one cares what he thinks, no one is hanging on, waiting to see what his opinion is on anything. He’s desperate for attention, probably planning to release another hit piece on America soon, and we’re giving him free publicity for that.

Who really cares what he has to say? This is a man who can’t even be properly respectful to the men an women who are guaranteeing his right to malign them. A man who apparently is so in love with the dollar, and himself, that he’s willing to do anything to get attention drawn to him.

So ignore him. Make him work for his money like everyone else does, and stop giving him all this free air time. Will that make him change and be more respectful of men and women who are literally worth twenty or more of him? Of course not. He doesn’t have any self respect, so he’ll never have any for others.

But we don’t have to help him.

Just my opinion, as I see it.