Wow. I had no idea how long I had gone without an entry of any kind. I have been busy as a beaver in a rain forest, and as a result I’ve not posted a single thing for almost a month. Sorry about that.

I’ve been working on my house, which is always fun times, and I’ve been under the weather as well. Throw in a wedding, a revival, Halloween, and the same personal problems that we all have to deal with over the course of our lives, and you get a picture of why it’s been so long between updates.

I’ve finished the short story “Monster of Creasy’s Hollow”, the first chapter of which is posted here as “Terror of Creasy’s Hollow”.  It’s still got to make it through the editing process, but as soon as it does, it will go up on Amazon.

Another novel, Roland, has finished the editing stage, and now has to go through the final read and then formatting. Billy had a lot of formatting issues, and I’m trying to keep that from happening with Roland. I’m also trying to work on the formatting problems Billy has, but at 800 pages, it takes a long time.

Meanwhile, I’ve got another novel already complete, with a sequel underway as well, which now must go through the editor. Once it has, it will start it’s way toward being published as well. I’m talking about Parno’s Company of course. I know, I know, I keep saying that, but I’m learning that editing and proof reading take far longer than I thought at first. I do all that I can, but since I’m the writer, I far too often see what I want to see, and miss the mistakes that I’ve made. I’m told that’s a common problem among writers. I know it is for me, as I’ve learned to my chagrin.

In other news, I’ve been prevailed upon, ( is that an actual phrase or did I make that up?) to make the Bonespear Tales into a novel, or at least a short novel, and publish it. I resisted that idea for a long time because I started Bonespear on a whim, and I’ve only been adding to it when I had the time and urge to work on it. It was supposed to just be a fun way to blow off steam. But, it’s proven very popular so far, and I do kinda like old Kalef, sooooo, as soon as I can, it will get the full treatment as well. Possibly before Christmas, but Christmas is coming up waaay faster than I’d planned on.

Today’s election day. Go vote. Let your voice be heard.

I hope all of you had a safe Halloween. Thank you, as always, to those of you who like my work, and let me know it. It means a great deal,  I promise you.

Until next time!