I’ve been absent for. . .wow, eighteen days. I apologize for that. Real life has been calling on me pretty hard lately, and I’ve also been writing like a madman. Unfortunately it’s pretty easy to get so engrossed that you forget to do things.

You know, like. . .updating your blog. Check the mail. Eat.

I’ve been told I’ve got a one track mind, and I guess I’m proving it lately. Odd Billy Todd continues to do well on Amazon, and The Kid is also doing very well. I really appreciate the support and the sharing of my work folks. I really do. I’m also flattered by your comments. It’s very humbling to know that people like your work. It’s also motivational, making me want to work harder and do more, but it also makes me want to be cautious, and ensure that whatever I write is done as well as I’m capable of doing it.

And sometimes that takes hard work. Which also takes time.

On a personal note, let me say this to everyone, everywhere, who might read this note today. Don’t waste a precious second of life. Live every minute to the fullest, love your family and friends while they are with you, and don’t take anything, or anyone, in your life for granted.

If you do that, then you won’t find yourself looking back one day wishing you had done something different or that you had done whatever-it-is/was while you had the chance. Life is meant to be lived.

Live it.