Finally had a slight breakthrough today in a story issue. I’ve been working on what’s basically a monster story, (which I hope will indeed become a MONSTER. sorry, little writer humor). Feeling good about that.

Also had another minor break through on a stalled spot in my zombie story. I really can’t explain why I have this sudden fascination with the undead, I just do. For some reason I cannot fathom, I feel the need to write a Zombie Tale. So, I’m working at it in my copious amounts of spare time.

You will also note that I have managed to change the look of things a bit, and added some new features. Remember how that turned out the other night, with everything disappearing on me? Well, it’s amazing what a little careful reading will get you. Note to all; reading the directions is not a sign of weakness. 🙂

There’s a lot if unrest around right now, on a more serious note. Lot’s of angry people, some rightfully so it seems, though I’m far from ‘in the know’. There’s a reason I don’t watch much TV anymore, I guess. Just reading it on the net is bad enough. Maybe someday, people all over will learn to live in peace with each other.

I’m not holding my breath, but I am praying for it. So much hate can’t be good for us. Any of us.

I was sorry to see about Robin Williams. I’m old enough to remember when Mork and Mindy was on television. I mean as a weekly series, not in syndication, lol. He always made me laugh. He was a champion supporter of St Jude Children’s Hospital, which was enough in itself to make me like him. St Jude has and will always have a special place in my heart. Thanks, Mork, for befriending them. And for going to entertain our troops, and giving them a chance to laugh, even for a little while.

We’ll miss you.