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I’ve posted a new page tonight, called Dear Dieary. The spelling is correct. Well, okay, it’s not correct, but it’s misspelled on purpose. I’ve never really worked in the Zombie genre, but I have a couple works in progress that explore the possibilities, and this little quirk hit me the other night. I started writing, and just kept going until it, well, ended.

What’s more fear inspiring, do you think, than being left all alone, surrounded by flesh eating monsters? I can think of a few things, but it’s a short list. Like, maybe three things. And two of them are phobias of mine.

So, take a peek at Dear Dieary. Let me know what you think about it please. Specifically, does it make you afraid? Do you get the sense of the fear in the writer’s life at the situation he is in? Does it make you visualize being. . .well, alone, surrounded by flesh eating monsters? You get the idea.

So if you get the chance, check it out, and drop me a comment about how it makes you feel, or not feel, or just what you think about it in general.