Wow. I have to admit I’m tickled at how well Billy was received so far. Thanks to all of you who have thought to pass word along that it’s available.


I never realized how much would be involved in doing something like this. It’s time consuming, exhausting, but also satisfying. I made something. And a few people actually like it.

That’s really all it takes to make my day.


It’s been a rough time of late, as you all know, and I’ve been busy, and a bit under the weather, but that’s become a regular occurrence for me the last few years I’m afraid. I know more doctors than regular people it seems. And  you know when you walk into the out patient clinic and the clerk says “oh, hello, mister Reed” you’ve been there too many times, lol.

A special thanks again to everyone who has given Billy a chance. I’ll be doing something more, soon, Lord willing and the river don’t rise.


Love to all