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MAH 370. Malaysian Airlines Heavy 3-7-0. A jetliner lost somewhere over the Indian Ocean.

This plane has launched more conspiracy theories than anything since 9/11. Well, leaving aside the whole ‘lizard people are running the media’ thing, at least. Okay, and chemtrails.


First, the missing plane was taken by aliens. Then, well, it might have flown through a miniature black hole. Uh-huh.

Then it was at the ‘secret base at Diego Garcia in the Southern Indian Ocean. You know the one. It’s so secret that it’s listed on almost every map, and, a n d, listed on the Armed Forces list, mentioned in news reports, cited as the Fleet Pre-Positioned Maritime Resource, or whatever they call it now. That secret base.

Then, when it was reported that the black box had pinged, or been pinged, or whatever, well, obviously, they waited until the batteries were almost dead, so that the search would be abandoned when the batteries ‘died’.

And now, well, it’s obvious that they are reporting the box to be too deep to be recovered.

Left out in all of this is who ‘they’ is, but most of the domestic conspiracy theorists are ‘certain’ that the US is somehow involved.

Gimme a break. The plane crashed. It happens. Sometimes it’s an accident, sometimes a catastrophic systems failure, a bird strike in a critical area, even a lightning strike. Sometimes planes are hijacked. Some people, though, simply have to have something to do, so they make up these weird ideas, and then every other ‘theorists’ takes up the call.

For some, there’s just nothing that happens, at least not like this, unless there are some sinister outside influences.

Some people really, really, need a hobby.