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Blacklist. I had read I don’t know how many reviews of the show before it aired, and honestly watched the pilot no knowing what I would get.

It was great. Plots within plots, who can you trust, it’s a masterfully woven tale. If you haven’t been able to see it, it’s available on HULU. Check it out.

As far as books go, I would like to recommend a series of books called ‘The Noble Dead’ by Bard and J.C. Hendee. I think it’s up to eleven books so far, counting one that’s just out in hardback. The very first book is called Damphir. A woman, a half-elf, and a mysterious dog travel through the backlands of their nation, essentially tricking people first into thinking that they’re beset by monsters, then charging them to get rid of the monsters.

But then something odd happens. They actually encounter monsters, in the form of vampires. And the woman really can kill them.

This series is deep, involved, and each book, while a story of it’s own, is still a part of the much deeper story that is slowly being brought to light. The Hendee’s are great writers, and I encourage you to check out Damphir, and then the rest.

If you’re interested at all in vampires and vampire hunters, you’ll be glad you did.