Wow, wow, WOW!!!!!

I was fortunate to see Pacific Rim on Thursday evening. I was there early. I’ve been waiting for this movie since before CHRISTMAS, having read about it before ever seeing a trailer.

It was worth that long wait. Several critics have had harsh words to say about del Toro’s latest film and it’s giant monsters and robots.

I have no idea what movie they saw, but it wasn’t the one I watched last night. People, Pacific Rim delivers. There was not a single, wasted second of my time. The entire film was incredible, start to finish. There’s no filler, no crap, and no trash. Every frame is story line, and it’s  one hell of a story.

Do yourself a favor, and see this one. Even if you’re not into this kind of scene, you’ll still enjoy it, since it’s not all rock’em sock’em robots. I promise, you’ll enjoy it.