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Goodness gracious, time does fly when the world is falling apart.

Is it me, or is our nation collapsing around us? I used to think that we were a free country, but with everything in the news lately about domestic spying, I’m starting to wonder, and that’s the truth. I’m not going to get into a rant about this here, though. I’m sure everyone has their own opinion, same as me.

I saw Iron Man 3. It was okay. That’s really all I can give it. The main thing I liked about it was that it was more about Tony Stark, and less about Iron Man, which I thought was the right way to go. The basic plotline wasn’t something I really got a lot out of, but I did like the little closer scene that Marvel always has after the credits. I won’t tell about it, in case someone hasn’t seen it, but it’s hilarious.

Saw Star Trek into Darkness, and it was awesome, and no, I don’t think that’s too big of a word. The whole thing, start to finish was grand. On spoiler for those who haven’t seen it, Leonard Nimoy WAS in this one, for just a minute, and he played his part beautifully.

World War Z is out now, and I haven’t seen it yet, but plan to this weekend if possible. I’m both excited and concerned, since I can tell by the trailers that the movie really doesn’t follow the book well at all. That might or might not be a good or bad thing. I can’t really say until I’ve seen it.  I really do like a good zombie movie, or story. Speaking of which, if you enjoy reading zombie tales, you might check out the Zobie Squad’s website, http://zombiehunters.org/forum/index.php. There are all kinds of member fiction there, and some of it is downright great stuff.

And Pacific Rim opens July 12th. I seriously cannot wait for that one. It seems to be an action packed thriller with a great cast and a seriously good plot idea. I don’t know if it’s a Graphic Novel adaptation or something of that nature, I don’t really follow them, but the trailers I’ve seen have me raring to go. I so look forward to that.

I haven’t done a great deal of reading lately, but I did manage to see the series GRIMM using a combination of Netflix and Hulu. What a great show! I hadn’t been able to see it when it originally started, and had to play catchup, but wow, was it worth it. The idea seems really original, at least to me, and the plot line, while slow to start, picks up in a hurry. It’s a slow reveal, but it’s worth it, and season 2 has a hell of a cliff hanger.

I’m also trying to get caught up on Arrow. Another great start, as I’ve only managed to see four episodes so far. It seems to me that the writers have caught Green Arrow exactly right. The show is action packed, and just downright fun to watch, with awesome stunts, and great archery skill. I have to wonder how much time they have to spend choreographing the stunts.

And today I started posting the final installment of my Firefly Shade ‘verse series over at fanfiction.net. It’s been a long time coming, and I hope that those who have written me about it will be happy with it.

I’m currently trying to work on Bonespear, and hopefully I’ll have new chapters soon. Many have asked that I do so, and I’m trying.

Until next time,