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Okay. Our embassies are attacked, one ambassador dead, and. . .we apparently apologized for the ‘movie’ that caused it.


If now isn’t the time to remove our embassies from these places, and leave them to their own devices, then I don’t know what time it is. Bring all of our troops home, keep them at home, and be done with it. Cut off all aid to these stupid people, and use that money to help people here at home. You know, those people that aren’t making ends meet? The people that aren’t eating well, aren’t getting proper medical attention.

OUR people. The hell with helping these countries that do nothing but attack us.


Moving on!

Have seen most of the first season of Hell on Wheels. Great show. Good, solid cast, and guest stars, nicely written, and well played. I don’t have AMC so I have to watch on DVD, but what I’ve seen so far is pretty darn good.

Alphas. Starts off good so far. Still two episodes to go in the first season but it’s a pretty good start. It’s actually a good concept, but needs to be sold a little better. Still, I noticed it’s getting another season, which is good.

Watched a movie on Netflix called ‘Valhalla Rising’. The main character never speaks a word, but doesn’t have to. A very powerful movie, and an emotional ending. Definitely worth a look.

Read Stephen King’s ‘Buick 8’. Great book, great story, ending completely flopped in my opinion. Still, other than the last twenty pages or so, it’s a great read. Again, if you like the spooky and scary, worth your time to read.

FInally, FINALLY saw the second season of BBC’s ‘SHERLOCK’. Still an amazing modern rendition of the tried and true favorite. I think there is, or will be, a second season, but I’m not sure. These ‘seasons’ are actually comprised of three television movies each. I really cannot say enough good things about it. I saw them on Netflix, myself, since I don’t get BBC America. They do play them on BBCA, too, I’m told, so if you get the chance, check them out. If you like Holmes and Watson at all, you won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Florida beat Tennessee. Again. Oh, Phil, where are you, and won’t you please come back. And see if you can talk John Chavis into coming back with you. Please?


Well, anyway, take a look at these, if you might be interested. They really are good. A few twists and turns that suck, but then all entertainment is like that, ain’t it?

Meanwhile, here’s till next time.