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Hello all. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated. Been under the weather for a couple months, and haven’t had the time or opportunity to do much writing. I’m glad to say that I am back, and have written several dozen pages in the last week.


I thought I’d review a few television and movie items that I’ve watched of late.

Finished Startrek: Enterprise. I thought the series was very well done, save the series finale, which was just crap. Overall the series is highly worth watching, and it’s a  shame it was cancelled after four seasons. It’s also a shame that SciFi network didn’t pick the series up like they did SG-1. Oh well. Life does go on.

I figure everyone on the planet has seen Avengers, so there’s no real need to comment on that one, except to say that I read yesterday that Joss Whedon will be writing and directing the sequel. That’s good news for everyone except the character he kills off this time.

I’ve been watching the new A&E series ‘Longmire’. I haven’t had a chance to look into the books this story is based on, but the series has been kickass so far. Strong characters, gritty story lines, and wonderful scenery. Have to call it a win.

I’m starting the third season of Warehouse 13, and the first season of Fringe. Warehouse 13 is a great show that just keeps getting better. Fringe is also good, from the bit’s I’ve seen on TV, but I’ve missed so much that I’m going to watch it on DVD from the start. I’m looking forward to it, as I have time.

I also saw the Chernobyl Diaries. That movie had so much potential. And blew it. Painfully predictable toward the end, and a waste of all the hard work up to that point. Such wasted potential always makes me sad.

Saw a truly horrible movie called ‘The Door’. I mean truly. Horrible. But it was so horrible, it was hilarious to watch! Seriously. And turns out there are websites dedicated to this movie, and it’s utter horribleness. If you’re needing a good laugh, check it out. It’s hilariously horrible.

I also read yesterday that Ben Affleck will be directing the new Justice League movie. I admit I’ve been wanting to see such a movie, but have no idea how well Affleck will  do in this film. By all accounts, the few directing jobs he’s done have been good. And he’s a good screen play writer. Could be a great movie.

Well, that about sums it up. As for me, I’m continuing to work on my own stuff, and have recently decided to try my hand as an ‘Enterprise’ fanfic. It’s looking okay so far, but it’s far from finished.

In the meantime, enjoy your movies, shows and books. Feel free to comment on your own experiences, and if you know one that the rest of us should see, tell us about it by all means!