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Sometimes I post my own reviews about books I’ve read, or shows I’ve seen. I haven’t done it in a while, and thought I’d play some catch up.

Recently saw Wrath of the Titans. Excellent movie. If you liked the first one, then you’ll enjoy the sequel. It’s not for everyone, that’s true, but if you like the genre, it’s time well spent.

At long last finished Koontz’s Frankenstein series. The last book wasn’t terribly bad, but it was, in my opinion the weakest of the them. All the strings were tied up nicely, mind you, but it lacked the drive that the first four novels had. Again, though, if you like the genre, and I do, then it’s time well spent. Koontz is an excellent tale spinner.

Larry Correia’s Dead Six is another book I recently read. Loved it. The ending hints at a sequel, and I hope there is one. Correia also writes the Monster Hunter series, which is top notch entertainment. Hope there’s a movie deal for it somewhere.

I’m through season Six of Supernatural. Have to watch it on DVD since we can’t get CW here. Somehow the writers manage to keep life in the story, and keep the show fresh. It’s great entertainment.

Same for Doctor Who. I’m through season Six there, as well, and find myself eagerly awaiting Seven. Never got into the Doctor as a kid, but the new BBC series is wonderful. Great characters and special effects.

Saw a trailer recently for Dark Shadows, with Johnny Depp. Being a fan of Dark Shadows from waaaay back to the soap opera days, I was disappointed to see that this new movie seems to be a mockery of those days. The short lived television series with Ben Cross was a great salute to the Barnabas Collins story, but if the trailer is at all representative of the movie, then it’s some kind of comedic re-write that will be sure to offend old time fans like myself. I’m sure it will do at least fair at the box office, with Depp heading a fairly string cast, but that won’t make it right.

Recently watched the Captain America movie as well. Missed in theater, and now I wish I had been able to get in to see it on the big screen. As a lead in to the Avenger movie it was excellent, but stood well on it’s own merits, too. Great cast, special effects, and story. Really liked it.

Well, that’s not all, but it covers the high points. I’m always interested in what others are reading or watching. If you’ve encountered something really great recently, by all means share!