A nine year old girl in Alabama was forced to run until she died this two weeks ago because she ate a candy bar.

Until she died.

If anyone doesn’t think that’s wrong, they need serious help. Or a good ass whuppin. The grandmother who did this should be handcuffed to a treadmill and forced to run until she dies. Instead she’ll probably get treatment of some kind. The step mother who watched this happen should hung up in one of those cages until the birds have pecked her apart.

No, I’m not kidding.

A neighborhood watch ‘captain’ just recently shot and killed a teenager who’s crime, apparently, was wearing a hoodie and looking suspicious. Turns out the shooter is a wannabe cop who apparently was washed from the program. The police dispatcher told him NOT to follow the ‘suspicious individual’, but the shooter made the comment ‘these assholes always get away’.

Turns out, the teenager was armed with an especially deadly pack of skittles, a brisk tea, and an MP3 player. The man followed the boy, pursued might be a better description, there was an altercation, and a seventeen year old boy who apparently had never been in trouble in his life is dead. And the shooter, claiming self defense, is still a free man.

Now there’s a real bully for you.

What the hell is wrong with us as a nation when we can produce people like this? What is wrong with us as a nation when we do not, with one voice, demand that these two women pay the ultimate price for this travesty? Demand that this man be held responsible for killing this teenager.

We see people abuse others so much that we have become insensitive to it. Desensitized is the word most used to describe this kind of acceptance. It’s pathetic.

Children are bullied at schools all the time. Often with tragic results. And nothing is done. Oh, sure, they have bullying ‘classes’, teaching everyone to respect other people. Great work. I’m sure it’s very successful. But you want to know how to stop bullying against your child?

You hold their parents responsible for their actions. When your child is bullied, you go see the bully’s parents. Let them know, with no room for misunderstanding, that every time their child bully’s your child, you will beat their ass into the pavement.

Every time.

Every time your child hurts my child, I will hurt you. Only worse. You will be held accountable for your child’s actions. Every. Single. Time.

Then there are the thugs who wander our streets, with actions like the ‘knock out game’. When you see this happening, of course call the police. But don’t stop there. Take up your trusty two by four, and knock the ‘playas’ out. Let the police find them there, knocked out. Play their game by their rules.

When you see elderly abuse, of course, call the police. Then, show the abuser what it feels like to have broken ribs. Fingers. Bruises and contusions.

When a man hits a woman, it’s usually because he needs to feel manly. When a man or a woman beats a child, it’s usually because they lack the courage to strike out at the people they are really angry at. They are cowards. Scum. Worthless, wasted skins breathing air that better people may one day need to live. They should be taught the error of their ways.

Since violence seems to be all they understand, speak to them in their language. It’s long passed the time when people need to stand up to this kind of thing. Too often we ask ‘how long will this continue?’. The answer is, it will continue as long as we allow it too.

It’s time we established the rules. We the people. Are tired of your wanton violence against those who cannot defend themselves. We say NO MORE.

Be the anti-bully. Bully the bullies. Let them live in fear for a change.

That’s the best therapy for the bully sickness.