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Have you ever thought much about the Constitution? I know we all learned about it in school, or at least I did. Now days, who knows? But that’s another post.

The Constitution is supposed to be the supreme law of the land. I should capitalize that. The Supreme Law of the Land. It’s that important.

It seems nowadays that our Constitution is being trampled upon more and more. It’s almost as if we’re waking up to find out that the Constitution has been spirited away in the dark of night. Taken away, all at once.

But that’s not accurate. It didn’t happen all at once. Like the boiling frog, it happened to us slowly. Over time. A little here. A little there. That right wasn’t important to us, so we ignored it. This one didn’t really apply to us, we decided, so it wasn’t a big deal.

That’s a dangerous road to walk, my friends. When we start thinking that any part of the Constitution isn’t worth defending, then we set the course to lose it all.

Who is responsible for this, you may ask. Well, the answer is unpleasant.  All we have to do is look in the mirror.

Yeah, I said it was unpleasant. We the people sat by and let it happen. Since it wasn’t important to us at the time, we didn’t take note.

And we should have. It’s our responsibility. What’s that you say? It’s our Representatives, our Senators, who are responsible? Okay, I’ll grant you that. But who put those Representatives, those Senators in office?

We did.

Can’t escape the responsibility of citizenship. As citizens of the greatest Republic the world has ever seen, we had the responsibility of making sure that Republic was safeguarded. Making sure that the people we chose to run that government were solid citizens, intent on protecting the Law of the Land. Protecting our rights. Not on garnering more power for themselves. Lining their pockets. Setting themselves up to run for higher offices.

But somewhere along the way, we stopped doing that. Being responsible. We had too much to do. There was money to be made, social functions to attend, Twitter status’ to update. Television to watch.

So, we ignored the threats to the Constitution, to our way of life. To the very thing that makes this nation what it is. We The People, we dropped the ball.

It’s time for us to get our priorities in order. It’s long passed the time to get our house in order.

It’s time for We The People to pick the ball up again. And run with it.