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I know it’s been too long since I updated anything. Sorry about that. Wifey has been big time sick, and then I caught it. Vicious cycle I guess. Anyway, I’ve been too busy to do much.

For those of you interested in Billy, thank you. I’m considering publishing it through an e-publisher like Amazon once it’s finished. Depending on what I find out, I may not be able to put anymore of it here, since public domain tends to kill any publishing effort. If I DON’T publish it, however, then the entire story will eventually be available here.

As for the others; Parno was here as a preview, and no other chapters will be posted until I hear from the publisher. No idea when that will be.

Bonespear started as a lark, and may stay that way, but I’m still working on it. Might have a new chapter for it up in the next few days, depending on what happens.

My fanfiction is available at fanfiction.net, under the firefly stories section, in the name bad_karma00. I think there’s about twenty odd stories there in my name right now, including the Shade series, which has been pretty popular. If you’re not a fan of the series, or haven’t seen the movie Serenity, then they may not interest you. On the other hand, if you like the stories from the ‘verse, it might make you a fan. It has others.

Citadel is under going a severe re-write, but the premise is still the same. Again, it was intended as a preview, since I hope one day to submit it to a publisher as well.

Thanks for all your comments to date. I really appreciate it.

On to other news, lol.

According to professional ‘doomsdayer’s’ this is the year the world ends in a cataclysmic destruction, long prophesied by the famous Mayan calendar. Get your military survival gear NOW!

Kidding. I don’t believe that the calendar really predicts the end, and have seen reports from several modern day Mayan Elders who say that. The calendar simply runs on a cycle. No idea if it’s true, or not. For me, I’m a Christian, so it’s my goal to always be ready to meet my Lord and Savior at any time. I admit I’m not always good at that, but I work on it every day.

I do support personal preparedness for emergencies, as anyone who reads this blog much knows. I’m not a ‘doomer’ or a ‘survivalist’. Don’t want to overthrow the ‘gubermint’ or any of that crap. I just think that responsible people owe it to themselves and their families to be prepared for emergencies. Growing up in Tornado Alley, and in the shadow of the New Madrid Fault Zone does that to you. It never hurts to have that grab bag, or a few days or even weeks of food and water stored for such times. I think FEMA has increased it’s recommendation to a minimum of two weeks, up from the original three days. I feel sure that’s a result of lessons learned from Katrina, where relief supplies simply couldn’t make it to the affected areas in three days, due to the severity of the damage, and the flooding.

Remember that water is especially important, since flooding and lack of power often make it impossible for municipal water treatment plants to produce/provide safe drinking water in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Expect panic this year, however, as the ‘date’ grows near. Those who do believe in the Mayan ‘prophesy’ will be working hard to try and be ‘ready’. I don’t know how to be ready for the end of the world, except to be on good terms with the Almighty. There’s really nothing else to be done, in my opinion, if the whole world’s ending.

Added to that is the election cycle. It’s vicious this time, more so than in the past it appears to me. Makes me wonder about us as a people sometimes.

Anyway, I hope that all of you have a safe and fun holiday, and that next year is better to you, even of this year was a good one.