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Three seasons have come and gone since The University of Tennessee fired Phillip Fulmer as head football coach. He had a losing season. There had been discipline problems.

He also had the best winning percentage of active coaches in Division 1 football. He was also a great recruiter. He led us to a National Championship, and within two or three plays of another the next year.

Then, he has a bad season, and once loyal fans are screaming it’s time for him to go. Hypocrites.

Seems some couldn’t remember when it was the high point of the decade for us to beat Alabama, and finish with a record good enough to get a bowl invitation. Years when we were clobbered at home. Years when we might as well not fielded a team.

Fulmer changed that. And we fired him.

Enter wonder boy Lane Kiffin. In one season he managed to wreck the program, and leave behind how many NCAA violations? And he cost us John Chavis, who consistently fielded one of the top defenses in the country. He’s now at LSU.

Now, Derrick Dooley. He’s got a tough road to travel, with a young team, a wrecked program, reduced scholarships, and a team that lacks confidence and direction. We expected a bad season last year, as he struggled to get things going again.

This year, we have yet to win a single conference game. Not one. I can’t even remember the last time that happened.

And there are ugly sounds in the background that he might go to Georgia, if their coach can’t make things happen this year. (He seems to be, at present, however.)

So are we missing Phil yet? I damn sure am. To all of you who screamed for his head, you get what you ask for. He’s gone. Be careful what you wish for.

We’ve gone from looking for a win against Florida, to praying for one against Vandy.