Good grief.

Okay, so someone filed a sexual harassment complaint against Herman Cain. Eighteen years ago.

He’s obviously unfit to be president. That’s sarcasm, in case you missed it.

Let’s review the facts. Oh, wait, there ARE no facts, are there? Just a complaint, which conveniently was ‘settled’ for what amounted to a severance package. At most according to all the ‘stories’ $35000.

Now, I’m a married man. And I say without doubt or shame that if someone made unwanted advances toward my wife, that settlement would be the least of his troubles. Why? Because I would stomp a mud hole in his ass, and then stomp it dry, that’s why .

If I file a complaint that amounts to a Civil Rights violation, I’m not interested in a settlement. I want the problem solved, so that it doesn’t happen again. I realize that’s just me, and mileage may vary for others.

One woman, who is still anonymous but using her ‘lawyer’ to speak for her, claimed she wanted to come forward to tell he side of the story, but was bound by a confidentiality non-disclosure agreement. If only the NRA would release her from that, he lawyer claimed, she’d be eager to come forward, and tell her side of this tale.

The NRA then said ‘sure. we don’t see a problem. go ahead and have your say’.

And then, she refused.

Wait. What?

After her lawyer made such a big deal about the non-disclosure agreement, and after it was waived, she changed her mind. How about that? All those pundits and talking heads, supporting this ‘poor’ woman who was unable to defend herself because of a non-disclosure agreement, and she fudges.

Life’s like that, ain’t it.

Now, the media is trying to get answers from Herman Cain, when he’s already answered. He didn’t sign the agreement, but he wasn’t part of the ‘settlement’ either. That’s not how those kind of claims were handled, at least not then. He would not have had any say whatever in the settlement. The size of the settlement should tell us something, as well. If you had a valid claim, would you settle for a pittance? Not me, buddy. I’ve been wronged, and I want my day in court!

And yet, the Lame Stream Media refuses to let this die. Why? Because they don’t like Cain, that’s why. And they don’t like those of us who support him. Because we won’t let them tell us who to vote for.

For too long in this nation, the Media has been allowed to shape the elections of public officials. This time, not so much. And they don’t like it. They’re loosing their influence over WE THE PEOPLE, and they have to get it back, or become *gulp* non-relevant.

Well here’s a new flash for the Media. Breaking now! WE AIN’T GONNA LET YOU TELL US WHO TO VOTE FOR!  So get over it, and move on.

This trash journalism, by the original ‘story breaker’, contained the statement ‘we’re not going to go into any details’. That should have been everyone’s first clue that this whole thing was bullshit. When you have a story, it’s all about the details. If you don’t have them, you don’t have a story!

Well, unless you’re a student of the Dan Rather School of Journalism. Remember how he ran that awful story about Dubya? And then it turned out to be a bunch of crap? And how he said he ‘just felt that the story needed to be told anyway’, or some drivel like nonsense like that. Now that’s some quality reporting right there folks. Yes sir.

It’s time to let this foolishness end. If the people who filed the complaint won’t come forward and tell us what happened, then there’s a reason for it. Whatever that reason is, it shouldn’t deter them from stopping someone gain the Presidency that they claim is a predator. So much for civic duty, I guess.

All this has done is distract us from the issues at hand. And give Obama a pass the last few days while the White House struggles to cope with the disasters of Solyndra, and now with their ties to John Corzine. And Fast and Furious.

Those are the things the press should be tearing into with great gusto. Not a nearly twenty year old complaint that apparently was nothing more than an attempt to get paid.

So here’s to YOU, Lame Stream Media, for once again deserting your public trust. Not that any of us trust you anymore.

And here’s to the Cain Train, and those who refuse to be derailed by a lawyer wanting money and fame, and yellow journalism rag wanting to get some headlines.