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I get this question a lot;

Are you seriously supporting Herman Cain? Do you think he has a serious chance to be President?

Hell yes, I’m serious. Why would I work so hard trying to get his name out, and his platform out, and counter all the lies, innuendos and half-truths about the man, if I wasn’t dead serious.

Take a look around you. This country is screwed up. We don’t just have a flat on the car, the engine is knocking and the radiator is leaking, and the shocks are shot. (Sounds like my truck, now that I think of it). Hell,  if the USA was a horse, they’d shoot us just to be merciful.

It’s time for everyone to sit up and take note! WE NEED A NEW PLAN cause the old one ain’t cutting it anymore! Period.

I am sick and damn tired of hearing about ‘political experience’. We’ve got a ass-load of political experience in DC. That’s what got us where we are now! I don’t want to see anymore career politicians in the White House. No  more Community Organizer in Chief, either.

Romney has more experience, they say. So what? Hell Obamascare was modeled on his plan for Massachusetts, and he said before he wanted to see it applied to the whole nation. Well, he got it.

Perry? He can’t seem to put two sentences together.

Gingrich? Okay, Newt has some strong points. But again, he’s a career politician, or was. Maybe he’s making a comeback.

Bachmann? Please. If I hear her say “I was a federal tax lawyer” one more time…I mean, is she bragging?

Santorum? Really? He threw a temper tantrum in the middle of a debate. Boy that’s presidential for you.

Paul? Fairly honest, but a career politician. Period. He’s got some good ideas, but also so real dingers. Can’t take a man seriously who wants to practically auction off our National Historic and Natural areas to the highest bidder.

Huntsman? Is he still in the race? I saw the other day his daughters made a mockery video making fun of Herman Cain’s mustache. Is that the best we can do, Jon? How about we address the fact that this country is going down the toilet?

Boy, how’s that for a novel idea? A candidate for President, who actually talks about the issues, and proposes a plan to fix them! Kinda like, oh, I don’t know. Herman Cain, maybe?

Instead the other candidate seem only to want to beat up on Herman Cain because he is in the lead in most polls, and because people seem to like the idea of him being President.

The media is trying it’s best to make sure that everyone thinks Cain isn’t ‘in it to win it’, or that he’s a ‘flavor of the month’. That was two, going on three months ago, btw.

He’s not Presidential. He doesn’t know who’s president of some ‘stani nation in the back of beyond. WHO CARES! Those people aren’t our friends. And they contribute not one dime, in many cases, to our way of life. Instead, they get handed money by our own damn government to go right on killing people. And then we send ‘sternly worded communiques’ to them, saying ‘you shouldn’t oughta be doing that’.

I personally don’t care who is president, premier, chancellor, emperor, chairman, or dictator for life in any other country, anywhere. Not right now. I care that 15 million American’s are struggling to make ends meet in the quagmire mess this nation is in. I care that our soldiers are being directed by an egomaniac who won the Nobel Peace Prize for. . .being elected.

I care about the nation I’ll leave behind for my kids, nephews an nieces. I care about having to explain to them that we used to be a great nation, and that once we were something special, but we let it all get torn down!

Herman Cain cares about those things too.

And THAT’S why, hell yes I’m serious about supporting Herman Cain. He can make a difference. He’s not perfect, he’s not superhuman. He’s just a man. How about we let him be a man, and stop trying to take any little thing he does or says and twist beyond all recognition in an attempt to make him ‘the bad guy’.

Like the disingenuous little piece of mud about his having a lien laid on him by the state of Georgia for his delinquent state taxes in 2006? Which just happens to be the time the man was fighting for his life against stage four cancer! He may have had a little something more important on his mind than his state taxes. You know, like living long enough to pay next year’s taxes?

We the People have got to get control of our government. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, you know. They work for us. We don’t work for them. They do what we tell them, not the other way around. How about we do something about that?

For starters, by putting someone in the White House who isn’t afraid to say ‘no’.

And then mean it.

And that man is Herman Cain. Check him out for yourself.