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Okay, this isn’t something I normally do, but I may change that. Things really are not looking good around the world at the moment. I know, you’re thinking, “really Bad? I hadn’t noticed.”

Well, you probably have. But some may not. And the problem is that the USA is involved in entirely too much of that.

Libya’s ‘interim’ government has just announced that Sharia Law will be the new legal standard for their new government. Isn’t that great? We committed money and assets to help overthrow a dictator, and now that nation will be a theocracy. Perfect.

That Afghanistan ruler who used to be on Stargate SG-1, Hamid Karzai, now says that if Pakistan and America come to blows, then his ‘nation’ ( I use that term loosely) will side with Pakistan. Don’t that just figure? We put him in office, he stabs us in the back. As usual. That man is an insult to every American service member who has dies in Afghanistan. Period.

We just sent 100 members of our special forces to Uganda, of all places, to help fight the LRA in that country. Granted the LRA needs to be carpet bombed into oblivion, but is that really our job?

Now John McLame. . .er, McCain, wants military intervention in Syria. To hold them accountable for the deaths of over 3,000 people in the recent uprisings and protests there.

Have you noticed that the US Government seems far more willing to hold people accountable for murdering their citizens, than our own? Funny how that works, huh?

Now President Obama has decided to ‘sidestep’ Congress, and implement his new Jobs Bill without their approval. So basically, he just doesn’t care that the majority of Americans don’t want still more debt added to our already impossible to see over mountain of indebtedness.

We can probably assume that he’ll approve his ‘Amnesty Plan’ before the election, giving him a whole slew of grateful new voters. Even though America overwhelmingly disapproves of such a measure.

Why are we still wanting to send our troops in harm’s way to fight other people’s battles. We can’t afford to be the world police anymore. We just don’t have the money. Why are we borrowing money from China to send to another country, when we have so much need here at home? Doesn’t charity begin at home?

President Obama, Senator McCain, and others like them, just don’t seem to get it. Obama is led by his socialist ideas, while McCain has simply been there too long.

Oh, and don’t let’s forget Harry Reid, who says the private sector is doing just fine, it’s public sector jobs we need to focus on. What? Since when? None of the factories I’ve seen close for and send jobs overseas have re-opened. And since when do we need still more public sector jobs, which land squarely on the back of the tax payer. That’d be you and me, by the way.

Then there’s Nancy Pelosi. She was a driving force behind the second round of bail outs, and yet now she supports the OWS folks who are angry at those same bail outs, and not without some justification, I might add. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. Too long in office.

All of them, too long in office. *sigh*

You know what a real revolution would be? Not cramming the streets of New York. Not protesting all over the country. No. A real revolution starts with a resolution not to send a single politician back to Washington. Not one. Vote every one of them out. Challenge them in the primaries, and in the general elections. Get rid of the disease. The career politician.

The people who spend our money like there’s no tomorrow. The people who routinely lie to us. The people who got us here.

Get rid of them all. Vote every one of them out, and replace them with people who simply aren’t used to being there.

People who might listen to us for a change.