I just read a story about the USMC not allowing the marines to wear what are known as KIA bracelets. It’s against uniform regs.

Seriously? Is that not just a rule? Can not an exception be made for that?

Several marines who declined to be named, (and hell, who can blame them?) have stated that it’s a major issue for many of the Corps, and there is some anger about the enforcement of this rule. One pointed out that ‘flashy gold watches’ are okay, but we (marines) can’t wear a simple bracelet that honors our dead?

I quite agree.

This is just a ridiculous bunch of REMF crap. If you don’t know what REMF is, google it. I try to keep this blog clean as possible, lol.

Anyway, if you know or see a Marine, you should take just a moment to tell them you support their right to honor their fallen brethren.

And love them for defending us.

The story can be found here, at the Washington Post;