How ’bout some fries with the McWhupAss?

By now everyone has seen the video about the McDonald’s employee who was attacked and defended himself. Two women apparently decided to go ‘over the counter’ on him, since slapping him wasn’t enough.

In hindsight, that might not have been the best idea they ever had. The employee had retreated, and they pursued. He proceeded to get a bar of some kind and . . . well, open up a can o’ whupass on the both.

Now, he’s in jail. Apparently he had a prior record, and had recently been released from prison. So, even though he didn’t initiate the attack, he’s in jail.

Granted, the two women are also facing charges, but what the hell? When did it become illegal to protect yourself from a drunken onslaught?

Now, having watched the video, I can see where some people think he went overboard. And his fellow employees tried to restrain him. But even after contact was initiated, the two women seemed to me, from the video, to still try and get up and attack him.

We used to call that asking for it.

Rule number one; Gettin’ your ass whupped? Stay on the ground. Cover up. Pray for help.

Of course, alcohol does impair one’s judgment. I’m interested to know what you guys think about this? Was it too much? Does he deserve to be in jail after being attacked?

Agree or disagree, I still want to know what others think about this. Having only the video to go on, it’s easy to make a bad judgement on this, so I’m wanting other’s input here.

I’d also be interested in hearing what course of action you would have taken, in the same situation.