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I’ve gotten an email or two, ( or maybe ten or twenty, lol) about the cats on my home page. I think I introduced them before, but maybe not. Anyway;

Yes, the cats are mine. Well, mine and my wife’s. Okay she says they are mine, but they are really her’s. Yeah, that’s it.

The Orange Tabby is named Wash. If you’re a Firefly fan, then you know who Wash is. He was the pilot of Serenity, until the never to be sufficiently damned Joss Whedon killed him off in Serenity, the movie. Along with Shepherd Book. Okay, that’s another story. Just a touchy spot. Moving on.

Wash’s hobbies include sleeping, eating, sleeping, bothering me, eating, sleeping, tearing up my shoes, sleeping, and running outside every chance he gets, where he inevitably climbs a tree and can’t get down. Did I mention sleeping and eating?

The Siamese is named Leonidas, but we shortened it to Leon when he didn’t show any signs of living up to his name. His hobbies include sleeping, eating, eating again, trying to kill me by walking under me, eating some more, sleeping, eating again, and using my desk as a litter box when he’s unhappy about something.

Like the two kittens who now live outside. Right where these two can see them.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my cats. Or, well, to be more exact, I love my wife, who loves the cats.

Seriously, they are hilariously funny to watch. Wash gets into some of the damnedest positions when he’s sleeping, it’s like he has no bones at all. The two of them will fight like all get out once in a while, which is only natural, since they’re both tom cats.

Or, where tom cats, I should say. Now, they’re just cats, thanks to a nifty trip to the vets.

Revenge is sweet! My shoes have been avenged!

Anyway, they really are my cats. Or my wife’s cats. Anyway, I pay for their food.