So. Harry Belafonte  said that Cain was ‘a real bad apple’ who doesn’t represent the black community well. He added that Cain was just ‘the latest incarnation of what is totally false for our nation’. He also said that while black conservatives such as Colin Powell and Condi Rice were ‘heroes to some’ they weren’t ‘to a lot of others’.

Next comes Prof. Cornel West, of Princeton University, who called Cain ‘Exhibit A of coldness toward poor people’ and added that Cain ‘should get off the symbolic crack pipe’.

Symbolic crack pipe. Now there’s something you just don’t hear everyday, huh.

So, how does Cain respond?

I left the Democrat Plantation a long time ago.”

That’s telling them Herman!

The simple fact is that many simply cannot tolerate the fact that Herman Cain is a successful, self-made black man that has and espouses conservative values.

The hypocrisy runs deep at election time don’t it?

Cain is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Republican Primary, and those that oppose him will seemingly stop at nothing to defame and discredit him. And yet, Cain comes roaring back each time. No ambiguity, no vague politi-speak, no bones about it.

Herman Cain is for real, and for some reason, that makes many people nervous.

That alone makes him a great candidate. The fact that he’s a good man with good ideas and a clear vision for the nation just makes it better. He talks straight, provides common sense solutions for the issues we face, and simply doesn’t cower or back down in the face of the not so friendly opposition. He won’t be intimidated.

If he won’t be intimidated as a candidate, it’s a safe bet he won’t be intimidated as President of the United States. By anyone.

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